Top of the 16 must do things in Rome

The capital of Italy, Rome is one of these cities full of history And experience that could easily have a lifetime to go to and explore. If you do not have that much time before you and intend to go to Rome two, three or four times, you are going to have to know the best things to do in Rome. One of the tens of thousands of beaches and activities to perform in Rome, we provide you our best 17 must-do!

This non-exhaustive top enables you to know what to do in Rome if you’re coming here for the first time.

1- The Colosseum (Colosseo)
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An extraordinary monument that once hosted gladiatorial battles, the Colosseum dates back to the year 72. The Flavian amphitheater (that is also how it’s called) was constructed to accommodate an audience of around 50,000 people. The website, which was the scene of several horrific deaths, is a historical site and a must for any architecture and history lover. Highly prized by tourists, the Coliseum defies time and has been especially the inspiration for the movie Gladiator. Additionally, it is thought of as the greatest amphitheater of the Roman Empire from the world: without a doubt, it’s a reference point for visiting Rome.

2- The Pantheon of Rome (piazza della Rotonda)
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Built by Emperor Hadrian between 119 and 128 AD, the Pantheon of Rome is an architectural marvel! The temple was originally constructed as a monument to the ancient deities and now serves as a resting place for the artist Raphael and the president of Italy among others.

Indoors, you will be amazed by its dome and the floor paved with colored marble. The building has kept its original bronze doors. Though admission is free, you can go for a guided tour of the Pantheon to find out all the secrets of this area!

3- The Vatican
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How can you intend to go to Rome without finding the Vatican? Even If you aren’t a believer, have a look at St. Peter’s Square to admire the columns and the Basilica San Pietro (St. Peter’s Basilica). Indoors, it is possible to admire the Sistine Chapel and notably the fresco on the ceiling of the chapel, painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. You will discover the scene in The Creation of Adam has acquired worldwide significance. The Vatican Museums are also worth a visit.

Care, for this visit It’s advisable to reserve your ticket in Advance to avoid being captured in long queues, particularly during school holidays!

4- The Gardens of Villa Borghese
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If You Would like to visit Rome in fashion, it is worth taking a break from Time, both to break free from the excitement of the city and to enjoy a relaxing walk. From the gardens of Villa Borghese, which’s the largest park in Rome, kids and adults can walk, ride ponies and nourish the many turtles in the pond.

It is also possible to admire monuments like the Temple of Aesculapius. The Borghese Gallery, with its 20 exhibition rooms, is also quite famous and will please those that are fascinated by history and art.

5- The Trevi Fountain
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Whether admiring the beauty of the fountain or throwing a coin while Making a wish, everybody will find something to enjoy in the Trevi Fountain. Constructed between 1732 and 1762, it’s the largest fountain in Rome! Nestled in a small, small square, the gorgeous fountain, and the magnificent architecture will certainly delight you.

If you go to throw a coin in it, then you will certainly wonder what happens to the coins in the fountain.

6- The Roman Forum (Foro Romano)
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If you enjoyed the Colosseum, the Roman Forum is definitely a must-do When you come to see Rome. Located in the heart of the town, the Forum includes a large number of historical temples and buildings of the authorities of Rome like the Curia (home of the Senate), the Temple of Saturn, and the Arch of Septimius Severus. The Forum served as the governmental, commercial, and religious center of ancient Rome.

If you are able to take a guided tour of the Roman Forum to better appreciate all the history that happened there.

7- La Bocca della Verità
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The mouth of fact, in French, is situated outside the Church of Santa Maria. The guy’s face you see has been carved from a classic sewer plug.

Legend has it that liars will have their hand bitten off if they Insert it in the mouth, a fantasy that’s put to the test in the emblematic movie”Roman Holidays”.

8- Il Gelato di San Crispino
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Enjoying a gelato (an Italian ice cream) is a tradition for almost any Traveller who comes to see Rome. Many agree that the best ice cream in town is located at Il Gelato di San Crispino. The tastes vary with the seasons to make sure that each and every visitor tastes the new flavors.

9- Via Condotti
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Among the most famous shopping streets to See in Rome, Via Condotti, has many historical buildings and stores. You can begin from the famous steps of the Spanish Steps and keep down the road and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

10- The Ponte Sant’Angelo (Saint Angelo’s Bridge) and the Castel Sant’Angelo (Saint Angelo’s Castle)
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This magnificent bridge across the Tiber, adorned with ten scenic Angels made by Bernini, not only provides tourists with a stunning view of the city and the river but is also a terrific testimony to the most recent work of a really remarkable artist.

It opens the way as you might expect to the Castel Sant’Angelo (Castel Sant’Angelo), which is none besides the mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian. This round-shaped fortress is used by the popes to flee the fortress in the event of danger.

11- The Campo de’Fiori
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Considered the earliest marketplace, the Campo de’Fiori, is filled with blossoms, Vegetables, and fruit throughout the day and is a lively restaurant and bar in the day. The charming environment makes us forget that lots of individuals are put to death in this very place!

12- Piazza Navona
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The square where the Fountain of the Four Rivers (by Bernini) rests Is a gorgeous place to enjoy a fantastic meal and a tasty Tartufo ice cream. For the more gourmet, why not opt for a cooking course in Rome? The town being conducive to sweet and savoury delicacies, you may return to France with new recipes to create your guests salivate!

From the early buildings, you will find the Stadium of Domitian Where the unbelievable ancient Roman races happened. The square is also an excellent spot to watch people.

13- The Capitol (Campidoglio)
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The Capitoline Museums are housed in twin palaces and will be the earliest public art exhibition in the world. The collection was opened to the general public in 1734 and comprises famous works by Titian (Tiziano Vecellio), Caravaggio, Tintoretto (Tintoretto), Bernini, and Veronese (Paolo Caliari). The Capitol is one of the seven hills of Rome.

14- The Baths of Caracalla
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The Baths of Caracalla in Rome (Terme di Caracalla) are one of the most important Roman remains. A trip to the Baths of Caracalla lets you learn a bit more about how the Romans took bathrooms, among the most luxurious leisure activities of this moment.

15- The Cinecitta Studios
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If you are a movie fan and you are wondering what to do in Rome in Terms of the 7th art, this is the place for you! Indeed, a trip to the Cinecitta Studios lets you find, among other things, movie sets and lots of exhibitions!

16- Mount Palatine
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A veritable open-air museum, Mount Palatine is among the oldest Portions of the city overlooking the Roman Forum! You can admire the remains of the early homes constructed for the emperors, such as Villa Livia or Domus Flavia, or find the Domitian Stadium and the Farnese Gardens.

What is more, your entry ticket will be put together with the Colosseum, the Forum, and Mount Palatine, so why deprive yourself?