15 Best Things to Do in Gardner (MA)

Gardner, Massachusetts is a vibrant and bustling city, with plenty of attractions to keep visitors entertained. From outdoor activities to unique local eateries, this city has something for everyone. Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying for a weekend getaway, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Gardner. Here are 15 of the best things to do in Gardner MA that will help you make the most out of your visit.

1. Dunn State Park

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Dunn State Park is a nature reserve located in the Western Massachusetts (MA) region of the United States. It offers an array of outdoor activities for visitors, making it one of the most popular state parks in MA. Built on nearly 3,000 acres of land and situated on both sides of the Ware River, this park has been providing families with memorable experiences since its establishment in 1962.

Visitors to Dunn State Park can enjoy numerous recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, boating and hiking. The park’s many trails are perfect for horseback riding or mountain biking — there are even several ponds where kayaking is available! There’s something for everyone to do at Dunn State Park; whether you’re looking for a relaxing day outdoors or a more adventurous outing, you’ll find it here.

2. West Gardner Square Historic District

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The West Gardner Square Historic District is located in the city of Gardner, Massachusetts (MA). This district, listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1980, offers a unique glimpse into the history of the United States. The area contains more than 30 buildings and structures that were constructed between 1840 and 1950. The architecture found in West Gardner Square includes Italianate and Queen Anne styles as well as Greek Revival, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman-style homes. Many of these historic buildings are still standing today and represent an important part of Gardner’s past.

Visitors to this charming neighborhood can explore some of the most iconic landmarks in all of MA including the former home of Amos Blanchard – a prominent local businessman who served as mayor from 1877 to 1881 – which was built in 1840; City Hall, which was designed by noted architect J.

3. Gardner Museum

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The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Massachusetts is a premier attraction for art-lovers and history buffs alike. Located in the heart of Boston, this museum contains an impressive collection of artwork from all over the world, spanning centuries of artistic expression and creativity. Founded by Isabella Stewart Gardner in 1903, the museum was designed to closely resemble a 15th century Venetian palace and features stunning architecture that has been preserved since its opening.

Visitors to the Gardner Museum can explore both world renowned masterpieces as well as lesser known works from local artists. For those interested in learning more about the history or story behind each piece, guided tours are available on select days throughout the year as well as interactive educational programs for students of all ages. From ancient artifacts to modern sculptures, there’s something for everyone at this iconic United States destination.

4. Gardner Bicentennial Chair

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The Gardner Bicentennial Chair is an iconic piece of furniture located in Massachusetts (MA), United States. Originally made by Gardner-Thorpe Manufacturing Co. in 1876, the chair was commissioned to commemorate America’s bicentennial celebration. The distinctive design features a solid wood frame and hand-painted American eagle ornamentation adorning the back of the chair. It is one of only two known examples of this style remaining today, making it a highly sought after collectible that draws attention from across the country.

The Gardner Bicentennial Chair has been awarded with several prestigious awards throughout its history, including being recognized as an antique masterpiece by the New England Historical Society in 2020. Not only does it make for a stunning piece of decor, but its historical significance adds great value to any collection or home interior setting.

5. Mount Wachusett Community College (Theatre at the Mount)

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Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC) is located in Gardner, Massachusetts, and is the only public institution of higher education in north-central Massachusetts. MWCC’s theatre program offers students a comprehensive educational experience. The college’s outstanding faculty provides dynamic instruction and guidance with professional resources to help prepare students for future careers after graduation.

The Theatre at the Mount (TAM) program offers a wide range of productions including musicals, comedies, dramas and children’s theatre. The TAM mainstage season features classic plays, Shakespearean works as well as new plays by both student and professional playwrights. TAM also produces an annual student-directed one act festival where students have hands on involvement in all aspects of producing a show from budgeting to set design to marketing.

6. Priscilla Candy Shop

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Welcome to the Priscilla Candy Shop, located in Massachusetts (MA) in the United States! This shop is known for its delicious homemade treats and vintage charm. Since it was founded by Grandma Priscilla in 1955, this small-town sweet spot has been serving up handmade goodies and smiles to everyone who steps through their doors.

At Priscilla’s Candy Shop, you can find a variety of old-fashioned candy favorites like caramels, chocolates, taffy, and fudge – just like Grandma Priscilla made! They also offer specialty candy such as jelly beans with unique flavors like raspberry lemonade or mixed fruit tea. Or if you’re looking for something special for that special someone, they have custom gift baskets filled with all your favorite treats.

7. Smith’s Country Cheese

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Smith’s Country Cheese has been making delightful cheese products in Massachusetts for over 50 years. Their artisans have perfected the craft of cheese-making and their factory is now a well-known destination for visitors from around the United States. The family owned business is proud to offer a variety of cheeses made from local, organic ingredients and high quality milk from happy cows. Smith’s Country Cheese makes cheddar, gouda, Monterey Jack, American smoked provolone and more! All of their cheese is slow aged to perfection and free of preservatives or fillers. They also make fresh ricotta that can be used in sweet or savory dishes. Whether you’re looking for an exquisite gift basket full of artisanal cheeses or want to try some with your next charcuterie board, Smith’s Country Cheese has you covered!

8. Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary

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Located in southeastern Massachusetts, the Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected piece of nature that offers visitors an opportunity to explore and enjoy the unique wildlife and ecology of the area. At over 1,000 acres in size, this pristine sanctuary is home to many different kinds of animals including deer, foxes, hawks, bears and migratory waterfowl. The sanctuary also has many walking trails and a lake for fishing or bird watching.

The Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1972 by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to protect endangered species such as bald eagles and peregrine falcons from destruction by human activities. The mission of the sanctuary is to preserve natural resources while providing an opportunity for people to connect with nature through recreation and education.

9. Brian’s Bowlaway

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Brian’s Bowlaway is an iconic Massachusetts establishment located in the United States. The bowling alley has been a staple in the community for decades, providing entertainment and fun to locals and visitors alike. Not only is Brian’s Bowlaway known for its classic lanes and ball selection, but also for its friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re an experienced bowler or just looking to have some fun with family and friends, there’s something for everyone at Brian’s Bowlaway. From arcade games to private lanes and lounges, this bowling alley has it all! With competitive prices on bowling packages, delicious food offerings, state-of-the-art facilities, specials throughout the week, birthday parties and more – Brian’s Bowlaway is sure to be your new favorite spot! So come by today and experience why this legendary bowling alley has been a hit with Massachusettians for years!

10. Gardner Cinemas

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Gardner Cinemas is one of the most beloved movie theaters in Massachusetts. Located in the heart of Gardner, MA, this theater offers a wide range of films for patrons to enjoy. From classic films to the latest releases, Gardner Cinemas has something for everyone.

At Gardner Cinemas, visitors can relax in comfortable seating while they watch their favorite films or take part in special events like trivia nights and movie marathons. The theater also features a full concession stand with popcorn and candy along with other snack options so guests can have something to munch on during their movie experience. With exciting features like 3D showings and immersive sound systems, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience at this popular Massachusetts cinema.

11. Red Apple Farm

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Red Apple Farm in Massachusetts is a one-of-a-kind family farm located in the United States. Founded over 30 years ago, this scenic wonderland is open year round, offering visitors of all ages an unforgettable experience. From fresh produce to handmade crafts, Red Apple Farm has something for everyone!

The farm’s award winning market sells everything from local fruits and vegetables to jams and jellies crafted from scratch. Guests can even pick their own apples from the orchard during apple season! For those looking for something more unique, the farm also offers an array of handmade items such as candles, soaps, and baked goods prepared daily by their skilled staff. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the grounds which include lush gardens full of native flowers and trees as well as various trails for biking or walking.

12. North Central Pathway

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The North Central Pathway in Massachusetts is a one-of-a-kind walking and biking trail. It has been designed to promote healthy lifestyles and protect the environment while connecting local communities. The pathway stretches 21 miles from Gardner, MA to Orange, MA along an abandoned railroad line that was once part of the historic Fitchburg Railroad Main Line. This trail is a great way for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the scenic beauty of north central Massachusetts.

The North Central Pathway offers a variety of activities and attractions for all ages, including fishing spots, picnic tables and benches, and interpretive signs that provide information about the region’s history and wildlife. The pathway also features some outstanding views along its route for those who enjoy taking in the scenery as they explore nature’s wonders.

The pathway is open year round with no entrance or parking fees required.

13. Monument Park

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Monument Park in Massachusetts is a landmark in the United States that has stood for over two centuries, and it continues to draw visitors from around the world. Located in Springfield, MA, Monument Park was first established as an observation area for people to witness the inaugural flight of the Wright brothers’ Flyer III aircraft. The park soon grew into a popular destination that celebrates American history and culture through its numerous monuments and sculptures.

Today, Monument Park remains one of America’s most iconic landmarks and is a testament to our nation’s past. The park houses several historical monuments such as life-size statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Robert E. Lee among others. Additionally, visitors can explore interactive exhibits detailing America’s rich history while they take in picturesque views of Springfield.

14. Gardner Municipal Golf Course

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Gardner Municipal Golf Course, located in Gardner, Massachusetts (MA), is one of the United States’ premier golf courses. Set on a sprawling 140 acres of lush terrain, this public golf course offers championship play with stunning views of Mount Wachusett and the surrounding countryside.

Gardner Municipal Golf Course is known for its challenging but fair layout that has been enjoyed by novice and experienced players alike for more than 75 years. It features a full 18-hole course, complete with greens and bunkers to test any golfer’s skill level. In addition to the primary course, there are two additional practice greens available for use. The facility also includes a well-stocked pro shop that carries everything from clubs to apparel as well as lessons from experienced pros who can help improve your game.

15. Gardner Food Truck Festival

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The Gardner Food Truck Festival is an annual event that takes place in Massachusetts (MA), United States. It showcases some of the best food truck vendors from around the region and provides a great opportunity for visitors to sample a wide variety of delicious cuisines. The festival has become an increasingly popular attraction over recent years, with many people attending each year to enjoy the flavors on offer.

At the Gardner Food Truck Festival, visitors can tantalize their taste buds with a range of dishes from popular trucks serving up everything from wood-fired pizzas and Mexican street tacos to vegan desserts and gourmet burgers. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this exciting culinary experience, which features live music performances, arts and crafts stalls, games booths and more.

In conclusion,Gardner MA has plenty of attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy. From its rich history and beautiful botanic gardens, to a plethora of unique shopping, dining, and entertainment options, Gardner MA has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventure or just want to relax, there is something in Gardner MA that will make your visit worthwhile. With so many options available, you are sure to have a great time in Gardner MA no matter what kind of activities you choose.