Top 10 Things to do in Guadeloupe – France

Guadeloupe is not a country, but it is an overseas territory of France that is part of the Lesser Antilles, a series of islands in the Caribbean Sea including mainland Guadeloupe which includes Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre and its dependencies.

This is our list of 10 suggestions on what to do in Guadeloupe and Visit in case you only have a couple of days there, even if your budget is limited.

1- Visit the market and the shore of Sainte-Anne

You may begin your Grande-Terre day in the Sainte-Anne market. A few Retailers have set up shop across the shore and market various food products and items. You will observe the abundance of spices, all kinds, tastes and colors. This small introduction into the market plunged us into the atmosphere of the Caribbean. It is also possible to take a while to enjoy the gorgeous beach of Sainte-Anne.

2- Discover the Soufrière

La Soufrière is the active volcano of Guadeloupe, It’s located in The south of this Basse-Terre and is close to the Carbet falls. Access to the summit of”la vieille dame” is possible through numerous hiking paths. So put on your crampons and set off on a trip that will provide you with exceptional views! On the way back, we suggest that you stop in the natural spring”des bains jaunes” located at the foot of the volcano in Saint Claude. A historical place which you shouldn’t miss. You’ll have the ability to bathe in sulphurous water up to 28°c, famous for its saving and regenerating virtues. You may spend a moment of pure relaxation in a genuine natural thermal area.

3- Discover many nautical activities

It’s not for nothing that the islands of Guadeloupe have been baptized “the island of beautiful waters”. So, set off to meet the underwater world, armed with your own fins, mask and snorkel to explore the hidden treasures… But if diving isn’t your favorite activity, you can indulge in additional adventures like the “Molokini” from the Bay of Saints that is a transparent kayak letting you discover the seabed without becoming wet. For people who prefer to get an adrenaline rush, you can take part in activities such as surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, paddle and kite surfing…And others you may sail the Caribbean waters on a catamaran to explore the wonders of this archipelago.

4- The island of beautiful waters

Karukera, the name the Caribbean Indians gave to Guadeloupe, Means”The Island of Beautiful Waters” and this title isn’t stolen! Water is everywhere: all around of course as it’s an island but also and above all inland in the kind of rivers, crystalline waterfalls, hot springs… It is this abundance of freshwater which attracted the Indians and after the settlers.

5- Discover Creole gastronomy

Use your trip to Guadeloupe to find the Creole gastronomy. On the roadside or on the shore, treat yourself to a tasty bokit or agoulou at a food truck. Discover the best tables on the island to taste the cuisine of the greatest Creole chefs. And if you wish to get your hands dirty, why not take a conventional cooking class?

6- Visit Mamelles park with your family

Credit: Parc des Mamelles
Are you looking for an activity to do in Guadeloupe with your loved ones? Discover the Parc des Mamelles, a exceptional zoo on the planet that provides one to meet animals in the jungle. More than a zoological garden, this park is a true adventure that will permit you to observe more closely the jaguar, monkeys, big parrots or ocelot. 85 species await you along a road in the woods, on scenic footbridges suspended over 20 meters high.

7- Bathing in hot springs

Due to the extreme volcanic activity of the Basse Terre, many sexy Springs gush out all across the south of Guadeloupe. You’ll have the ability to relax in the jungle, in the pools of the renowned Bains Jaunes. If you would like to mingle with the locals, try the sulphurous waters of the Sofaïa showers. Lastly, do not overlook the numerous hot springs of Boiling Hot.

8- Cruise on a catamaran

Go on a trip sailing the waters of the Caribbean. Departing From Sainte-Rose, Deshaies, Baie-Mahault or Saint-François, board a catamaran to detect the Guadeloupean shore from the sea. If you are lucky, you might even encounter dolphins that prefer to play in the waves and follow the ships. If you’re on the west coast, do not miss the sunset cruises, a must!

9- Discover an island full of history

Guadeloupe is an island full of history. If you like cultural websites It is possible to find the history of the island in a number of museums like the Schoelcher museum in Pointe-à-Pitre, the Rum museum in Sainte-Rose, the museum of Amerindian history Edgar-Clerc in Le Moule and several others… without forgetting the MActe Memorial Act 1st museum in the world devoted to the history of slavery.

10- Visit the distillery Bielle

Guadeloupe is known for its rum production, which is considered one of The very best in the world. If you want to find a local specialty, Visiting a distillery has to be a part of your list of things to do in Guadeloupe. On Marie-Galante, It’s possible to see one of the main distilleries of the archipelago, the Bielle distillery. If you arrive in The incorrect season to find the workers on the job you can have a brief tour Of the website to see the amenities.