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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Italy

Rabbit Beach
Credit: siciliacome - flickr.com


In the middle of the summer season, the temperature rises to incredible peaks. The heat becomes unbearable and we all feel the need for a refreshing swim in the sea. After a year of hard work, we are entitled to a little relaxation: it is time to indulge in a well-deserved rest. But where to spend the holidays?

If you’re not sure where you will enjoy your summer vacation, take a look at our list. We’ve asked 20,000 Italians and travel enthusiasts to express 5 preferences among the over 100 beaches scattered around the country. Here are the most beautiful beaches in Italy!

Beach Location – Region
Bay of the Saracens Finale Ligure – Liguria
Cala Violina Scarlino – Tuscany
Caletta Rovaglioso Palmi – Calabria
San Vito beach San Vito Lo Capo – Sicily
Scala dei Turchi Realmonte – Sicily
On Giudeu Domus de Maria – Sardinia
Tonnarella dell’Uzzo Trapani – Sicily
Cala Feola Latina – Lazio
Marine Protected Area of ​​Plemmirio Syracuse – Sicily
Torre Sant’Andrea Lecce – Apulia
Cala Luna Nuoro – Sardinia
Is Aruttas Oristano – Sardinia
Tropea Vibo Valentia – Calabria
Marina di Camerota Salerno – Campania
Bay of Silence Genoa – Liguria
Porto Giunco Cagliari – Sardinia
La Pelosa Sassari – Sardinia
Cala Rossa Favignana, Egadi – Sicily
Cala Goloritzè Ogliastra – Sardinia
Cala Mariolu Ogliastra – Sardinia
Beach of the Rabbits Agrigento – Sicily

21. Bay of the Saracens, Finale Ligure – Liguria

Bay of the Saracens

The Bay of the Saracens is definitely one of the most beautiful places in entire Liguria, which this year also receives the blue flag. You will find the small bay by going along the road that flanks the coast between Finale Ligure and the pretty village of Vaigotti. Fabulous colors, clear water, and breathtaking rocks; you can’t help but stop. Bay of the Saracens is really a fantastic destination, ideal for those who want to sunbathe or swim surrounded by incredible vegetation. It is among the most picturesque tourist areas of Liguria and is completely free.

Type: rock
Admission: Free but with the presence of factories
Ideal for: young people, those who love diving in the rocks in safety, couples, and groups

20. Violin Cove, Scarlino – Tuscany

Cala Violina

What to say about Violin COve? Upon arrival, you immediately realize how special it is. It’s a particularly impressive cove in the Maremma Grossetana: fine white sand and transparent water. This heavenly place is one of the most loved by tourists as well as a source of great pride for the Tuscany region.

Type: sand
Admission: free
Ideal for: young people and groups. The crowding and the lack of services make it unsuitable for the elderly and children. Dogs can go to the beach but must wear a leash.

19. Rovaglioso Cove, Palmi – Calabria

Rovaglioso Cove
Credit: Diego Delso – funtravelnis.rs

A very special location that offers tourists unique sensations. Until a few years ago, reaching it was almost an undertaking given the poor accessibility of the path that led up to the cliff. Fortunately today a “tourist miracle” has been performed and the territory has been greatly enhanced. Do not miss the show of the water that breaks on the cliff.

Type: rock
Admission: free
Ideal for: those who love snorkeling, young people and couples

18. San Vito Beach, San Vito lo Capo – Sicily

San Vito Beach
Credit: Mboesch – commons.wikimedia.org

Splendid typically Sicilian setting for the fabulous beach of San Vito lo Capo. This tourist resort with a magnetic charm for families and couples is located close to the Trapani airport. Centuries of Arab influence have left their mark on the local cuisine.

Couscous is the main specialty; it’s so beloved that there’s an important event dedicated to it: the Cous Cous Fest. This year, it’s confirmed as one of the most beautiful and recommended beaches for families with kids, receiving two of the most coveted awards for Italian beaches: the 5 sails of Legambiente and the green flag of Italian pediatricians.

Type: sand
Admission: Free but with the presence of factories
Ideal for: the gently sloping backdrops make it perfect for families with children

17. Scale of the Turks, Realmonte – Sicily

Scala dei Turchi
Credit: Radek Kucharski – flickr.com

Just 15 minutes from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the brilliant white of the rocky wall juts out into the sea, creating a stupendous scenery. The rock is an ideal springboard for swimmers.

In 2007, the municipality of Realmonte submitted a request to UNESCO the Scala dei Turchi beach to be included among the World Heritage Sites.

Type: mixed
Admission: free
Ideal for: couples, groups; the waters are quite deep so we don’t recommend it for families with children

16. Su Giudeu, Domus de Maria – Sardinia

Su Giudeu, Domus de Maria - Sardinia


This spectacular location, recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy with the 5 sails of Legambiente, offers many opportunities to tourists who choose it as a destination for their holidays. It has numerous rocks just above the sea surface which make it particularly suitable for underwater fishing and diving enthusiasts. It’s also a resting place for flocks of flamingos, making it particularly popular with bird watchers.

Type: sand
Admission: free but with the presence of factories
Ideal for: everyone: families with children, young people, sports enthusiasts

15. Tonnarella dell’Uzzo (Zingaro Reserve), Trapani – Sicily

Tonnarella dell'Uzzo

In the heart of the Riserva dello Zingaro, Tonnarella dell’Uzzo is the most beautiful of the reserve’s eight coves. Access to this beach is subject to a fee (€5 full price, € 3 reduced), but the natural spectacle is unparalleled. It is also possible to reach it by sea, the best solution for families with children or diving enthusiasts.

Type: mixed sand and rocks
Admission: for a fee
Ideal for: young people, couples

14. Feola Cove (Ponza Island), Latina – Lazio

Cala Feola

A small patch of sand that becomes an anthill in summer. Crowded, yes, but truly a marvel! It is located on the island of Ponza and can be reached by sea or a path for about 15 minutes. The whole area of ​​the bay is a natural masterpiece, also recognized by Legambiente with 4 sails. It offers natural pools, caves, and luxuriant native flora.

Type: mixed sand and rocks
Admission: free
Ideal for: families, young people, couples

13. Marine Protected Area of ​​Plemmirio, Syracuse – Sicily

Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio

A few kilometers from the center of Syracuse, in an uncontaminated ecosystem, a real paradise for those who love diving and snorkeling is hidden.

Type: cliff
Admission: free
Ideal for: young people, couples

12. Sant’Andrea Tower (Melendugno), Lecce – Puglia

Torre Sant'Andrea
Credit: Freddyballo – commons.wikimedia.org

Between the renowned Baia dei Turchi (eng. Beach of the Turks) and Torre dell’Orso (eng. Tower of the Bear), there is this stretch of rocky coast which takes the form of a natural platform opening onto the sea.

A true natural masterpiece, among small caves, inlets, and in general an uncontaminated area not crowded by mass tourism.

Type: cliff
Admission: free
Ideal for: young people, couples

11. Moon Cove (Gulf of Orosei), Nuoro – Sardinia

Moon Cove

In Italian known as Cala Luna, it’s one of the symbolic beaches of Sardinia, surrounded by wild nature and so precious that is not exactly a walk to reach it.

There are no bathing establishments, the area is unspoiled, and has a mixed terrain of sand and pebbles, with a steep cliff behind and wonderful paths for trekking lovers.

Type: mixed cliff, sand, and pebbles
Admission: free
Ideal for: young people, couples

10. Is Aruttas (Cabras), Oristano – Sardinia

Is Aruttas

“Aruttas”, in Sardinian means caves; a little clue to understand what natural wonder awaits us in Cabras, in the province of Oristano. A long expanse of fine grains of sand with an authentic, uncontaminated nature behind it, made of Mediterranean scrub. Needless to say, the sea is so beautiful that it seems painted, and this year it was awarded the Green Flag for being one of the Italian beaches suitable for children according to Italian pediatricians.

Type: sand
Admission: free
Ideal for: young people, couples, families

9. Tropea, Vibo Valentia – Calabria

Tropea, Vibo Valentia

We are on the Costa degli Dei, in Calabria, to see what is rightly considered the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. We are talking about the beach “Rotonda” which develops with a white-sand coast just below the cliff overlooking the sea.

Type: sand
Admission: free with bathing establishments
Ideal for: everyone

8. Cala Bianca (Marina di Camerota), Salerno – Campania

Marina di Camerota

In the 8th place, we find the beach of Cala Bianca, in Marina di Camerota in the Cilento National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is considered the main testimony of the immense naturalistic value of the Tyrrhenian coast. An ideal destination for families with children, in 2019 it received the Green Flag for being one of the recommended beaches for children.

Type: rock
Admission: free but with the presence of factories
Ideal for: couples, young people and groups

7. Bay of Silence (Sestri Levante), Genoa – Liguria

Baia del Silenzio
Credit: Luca Rossato – flickr.com

The typical character of the Ligurian coast, with the delightful colored houses that frame the golden sandy beach. Here, in the Bay of Silence, the expression of the Ligurian sea finds its quintessence.

Type: sand
Admission: free with bathing establishments
Ideal for: families

6. Porto Giunco (Villasimius), Cagliari – Sardinia

Porto Giunco
Credit: dronepicr – commons.wikimedia.org

A beach that has the particularity of having a sandy bottom of fine white sand with pink shades, which are the result of the erosion of the pink granite rocks that characterize the area. Another feature is the watchtower of Spanish origin, which composes a picture worthy of the best artist.

Type: sand
Admission: free with bathing establishments
Ideal for: everyone

5. La Pelosa (Stintino), Sassari – Sardinia

La Pelosa

Turquoise and so transparent water that it seems fake, white sand worthy of the most famous tropical paradises… we are in the Gulf of Asinara, in a bay protected by the stacks of Capo Falcone which ensures that the water is always calm. Here, too, there is a tower on the islet in front of the beach, which can also be reached on foot via a ford.

Type: sand
Admission: free with bathing establishments
Ideal for: everyone

4. Rossa Cove, Favignana, Egadi – Siciily

Rossa Cove
Credit: flickr.com – Visit Tuscany

The fantastic Cala Rossa, as Italians know it, is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy also in the 2019 Legambiente ranking by receiving the coveted 5 sails. This Sicilian pearl of rare beauty is one of the most famous places on the island of Favignana, the largest in the Egadi archipelago.

If you visit the island, you can’t fail to stop in this small bay: here, the blue colors of the sea meet the white tuff walls giving life to an unforgettable show.

Type: rock
Admission: free
Ideal for: young people and couples; the path to get there is quite challenging, therefore, we don’t recommend it for the elderly and children.

3. Goloritzè Cave (Baunei), Ogliastra – Sardinia

Goloritzè Cave
Credit: gian luca bucci – commons.wikimedia.org

Goloritzè Cave carries the Sardinian flag high by occupying the 3rd position. It’s located at the bottom of a ravine, in the Ogliastra area, precisely 9 km from Baunei. It can be reached by boat or by land in 1 hour.

Goloritzè Cave is particularly famous for its 143-meter-high pinnacle which annually attracts numerous climbing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Type: rock
Admission: for a fee (€6 adults, €1 children up to 10 years)
Ideal for: young people and climbing enthusiasts. The path to get there is quite challenging therefore we do not recommend it for the elderly and children

2. Mariolu Cave (Baunei), Ogliastra – Sardinia

Mariolu Cave

In the second position, we find a natural paradise. Already the most beautiful beach in Italy in 2016 according to Tripadvisor, Mariolu Cave is characterized by white sand and rocks with pink pebbles.

Reaching it is quite challenging, but perhaps this is one of the reasons it has remained so pure and unspoiled. However, there is a kiosk for drinks and refreshments and a point for renting umbrellas and snorkeling equipment.

Type: mixed sand, rocks, and pebbles
Admission: €1 for adults, free for children; there are beaches and kiosk/bar
Ideal for: young people

1. Rabbit Beach (Lampedusa), Agrigento – Sicily

Rabbit Beach

In the first place, we find the island of Lampedusa with its Spiaggia dei Conigli (eng. Rabbit Beach). It’s really difficult to find the right words to describe the sensations that this precious destination can convey to the lucky ones who visit it. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it was voted the most beautiful in the world by TripAdvisor, beating the competitors: Playa de ses Illetes and Playa Flamenco. From the photos, you may think it’s a Caribbean location, but this Mediterranean jewel is located in Italy!

Type: sand
Admission: free
Ideal for: couples, groups; the lack of services and the steep descent/ascent to reach it make it unsuitable for the elderly and children.