The 13 most beautiful places to visit in Hungary

Would you like to discover a country full of tourist attractions, combining history, nature, comfort, and gastronomy? Come and see the 13 most gorgeous places in Hungary!

Hungary is just 1,500 kilometers from Paris and yet it guarantees you a total change of scenery. This Central European nation is filled with treasures and actions of all types. Its architectural beauty, breathtaking scenery, local cuisine based on paprika, wines, and world-famous thermal baths make it a special destination.

In case you have chosen to pay a visit to Hungary, you’ll have the opportunity to find many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Budapest, the capital city, is unquestionably a town full of charm that’s guaranteed to seduce you. The Pearl of the Danube, as it’s known, attracts a growing number of visitors each year.

Hungary is divided into four different and totally different regions, and that’s why it’s a good idea to visit all of them. The huge city of Budapest on one side, the Lake Balaton area on the other, in addition to the Great Plain and the northeast with its own wine route and scenic villages.

So as to prepare your stay, here is the listing of the 13 most gorgeous places to see in Hungary!

1- The Budapest Parliament

Situated on the eastern bank of the Danube, the Parliament is the most imposing building in Budapest and the biggest in Europe. Its grand stairs, dome, and National Assembly Hall make it an exceptional construction. And of course, it’s 40 kg of gold. Increase your head and admire the sumptuous decorations on the ceiling.

At nightfall, the Parliament lights up in a gorgeous golden color, reflecting on the Danube. You’ll also find the St. Stephen’s Crown, which is heavily protected by Hungarian guards. Are you curious why the crown cross is tilted? You’ll have the answer when you see Hungary and its Parliament.

2- The Palace of Buda Castle

buda castle
Also known as the Royal Palace or Budavàr Palace, it’s among the most representative images of Hungary.

To see this historic monument” a UNESCO World Heritage Site” you’ve got to climb to the top of Buda Hill on the western bank of the Danube. Inside, there are two museums: the Hungarian National Gallery and the Historical Museum of Budapest. You may also get lost in the labyrinth of the castle, carved from the hot spring water. A special experience that hides many paintings.

3- The thermal baths

How can you see Hungary without taking a relaxing break from town baths? An obligatory part of your stay, there isn’t any lack of thermal baths in the country since there are almost 300 thermal springs that may reach a temperature of 80°C. Each and every day, locals and tourists alike take the opportunity to relieve their ailments or unwind in these gigantic bathrooms of Rudas, Gellért, and Széchenyi. So don’t forget your bathing suit, flip-flops, and towel.

4- The Fisherman’s Bastion

If you wish to see Hungary and its capital, a stop in the Fishermen’s Bastion is essential. For the little explanation, the building of the neo-Romanesque monument ended in 1902 and has been constructed in honor of those fishermen who protected the region. The seven turrets signify the seven founding tribal chiefs of Hungary. To take the most gorgeous pictures of Budapest, it’s on this belvedere you must go.

5- The Chain Bridge

An individual can’t speak about Hungary without mentioning the famous Chain Bridge. On the Danube, it links the two sides of town, formerly called Buda and Pest.

In those days, people who desired to cross did so by ship or on foot, once the river was frozen. You can now enjoy an exceptional view, particularly when it sparkles at night. If you’re going to go to Hungary with children, this is one of the favorite attractions.

6- The Great Synagogue of Budapest

Credit: Great Synagogue of Budapest
The Great Synagogue of Budapest is one of those must-see places in Budapest since it’s the third-largest synagogue in the world after New York and Jerusalem. Of Moorish architectural style, it’s as sublime on the inside as it is from the outside, with its rich decoration and perfectly executed details.

7- Lake Balaton

Visiting Hungary also means finding the various areas of the country, beginning with Lake Balaton in the west. This is the largest lake in Hungary, known as the Little Hungarian Sea, just 1 hour from Budapest.

Between beaches, discos, and countless leisure activities, entertainment, and idleness promise to be in the” rendezvous”. For more peace and quiet, you may love walks, authentic lakeside villages, and a trip to the Festetics Palace and its marzipan museum.

8- Szeged

To find Szeged, you need to visit the south of Hungary, to the Great Plain region. It is 170 km from Budapest and enjoys a sunny climate, near the border with Serbia and Romania.

One goes there for its cultural richness, its cathedral, its Grôf Palator, its new synagogue or its gastronomy. To pay a visit to Hungary in all of its forms, attempt Goulash soup or Pick’s spicy salami fish soup.

9- Hortobágy National Park

For all lovers of character and credibility, Hortobágy National Park can hardly do better.

At the west of the nation and just two hours in the Hungarian capital, you arrive at an agricultural region with areas so far as the eye could see. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the animal demonstrations, in addition to the tasting of typical paprika dishes.

10- The wine route

If you’re a lover of great wine, Hungary is a must-see destination in Europe. Although vineyards can be found all around the nation, the best-known wine region is Tokaj, in the northeast of Hungary. This is where the famous sweet wine Tokaj, or Wine of Kings, comes from. There’s also Eger, situated nearby, where you are able to taste the famous red wine Egri Bikaver (Bull’s Blood).

11- Hollókó

Hollókó is a typical small village, which has retained its authenticity and unbelievable charm. It’s not for nothing it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To walk through the old part of the village and find the Hungarian folklore, with traditional costumes, you need to travel 100 km over Budapest. You will see, you may feel a strange feeling like you’d gone back in time.

12- The Visegrad Fortress

Overlooking the Danube, the Visegrad Fortress is just 30 km north of Budapest. From the top of the hill, you get a breathtaking view of the Danube bend, which takes the form of a zigzag.

This tourist spot with its citadel can be called the Cloud Castle due to its height of 350 meters above the river. The exhibitions inside are dedicated to the history of Hungary during the period of royalty. Take advantage of being in the region to see Esztergom and its basilica, in addition to Szentendre, the artists’ village.

13- Pécs

Credit: Pecs
Heading southwest, create a brief detour into the city of Pécs, famous for its cultural richness. Museums, mosques and an early Christian necropolis listed by Unesco, the two-hour drive is well worth it. Being also a university city, you can enjoy the lively nightlife with its pubs and nightclubs.