The 10 Most Beautiful Metro Stations in Europe

Westfriedhof, Munich, Germany


The historic London Underground station was put into operation to Baker Street on January 10, 1863, thus entering the annals for being the first subway ever. And, it is the English capital that, today, boasts the oldest underground railway line in the world.

Over the years, railway networks have been developed and implemented in all the most important European cities. However, the scientific and engineering progress was the only way to develop stations that are not only efficient and functional but also beautiful and fascinating from an aesthetic point of view.

Interested in which are the most appealing and fascinating metro stations in the Old Continent?

Scroll down as we bring you the 10 of the most beautiful metro stations in Europe. Get ready to see the most enchanting, the most evocative of all, which alone will make you want to visit the city…

10. Admiralteyskaya, St. Petersburg, Russia

Admiralteyskaya, St. Petersburg, Russia
Credit: Poudou99 –

The brand new Admiralteyskaya station in St. Petersburg reopened to the public on 28 December 2011 after a long period of refurbishment. It’s really beautiful and represents the perfect combination of classic style and modern design.

9. Palais Royal / Musée Louvre, Paris, France

Palais Royal / Musée Louvre, Paris, France

This station was completed in 2000 on the occasion of the centenary of the Parisian metro. It is one of the most specific architectural structures, unconventional yet perfectly suited to the wonderful city of Paris.

8. Fosteritos, Bilbao, Spain

Fosteritos, Bilbao, Spain
Credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra –

The “Little Foster” was inaugurated on 11 November 1995 and today is the third-largest metro station in Spain. The name “Fosteritos” (eng. Little Foster) was chosen in honor of the architect who oversaw the project, the English Norman Foster.

7. Bockenheimer Warte, Frankfurt, Germany

Bockenheimer Warte, Frankfurt, Germany
Credit: Dontworry –

The entrance to the station was designed by the architect Zbigniew Peter Pininski and is one of the most fascinating entrances in the world. It was made from an old disused wagon placed at an angle, thus creating an impressive optical effect. It creates an illusion that the people who enter the station, enter the wagon.

6. T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

In the 6th place, we find the T-Centralen. This station is quite close to the Centrale but it’s, undoubtedly, the most beautiful metro station in the city due to its bright colors that favor fantastic plays of light.

Fun fact: The T of the name is an abbreviation of Tunnelbana, the Swedish term used to indicate the metro.

5. Westminster, London, UK

Westminster, London, UK
Credit: mattbuck –

As already mentioned, the London Underground can be considered as the oldest ancestor of all modern urban railway lines. Precisely for this reason, the futuristic design of Westminster station is almost a paradox.

4. Olaias, Lisbon, Portugal

Olaias, Lisbon, Portugal

Olaias is the first Portuguese metro station and continues to be one of the most fabulous metro stations in the world with its painted walls and ceiling of a thousand colors. In 1998, on the occasion of the Expo, over 11 million visitors were able to appreciate its characteristic ultra-modern style.

3. Komsomolskaya, Moscow, Russia

Komsomolskaya, Moscow, Russia
Credit: Koshy Koshy –

Komsomolskaya Station was opened in 1952 and is probably the most classic metro station in the ranking. Its peculiarities consist of historical mosaics and architectural features typical of the Baroque style.

2. Westfriedhof, Munich, Germany

Westfriedhof, Munich, Germany
Credit: Chabe01 –

Westfriedhof station was inaugurated in 1998 but the aesthetic improvements that allowed it to emerge among the most beautiful stations were made three years later. In fact, in 2001, the artist Ingo Maurer had installed 11 gigantic lamps, alternating blue, red, and yellow colors. These bright colors, combined with the unpolished walls, make the underground environment absolutely magical.

1. Toledo, Naples, Italy

Toledo, Naples, Italy
Credit: Andrea favia –

Here’s that station that comes to the surprise of many: Toledo metro station in Naples is the most beautiful metro station in Europe. In fact, Toledo wins the gold medal for its unique charm. It was opened in 2012 after the works that lasted for several years. Important archaeological finds were found in the subsoil during the construction work. They are all preserved in the museum hall today.