Bangalore : What are the best places to see and visit?

The Bull Temple
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Each year, tens of thousands of tourists fly to India, a country of spirituality. Indeed, some even say that India and its people bring a new outlook on life. There are many, many places to go, all with a particular atmosphere. The city of Bangalore, capital of Karnataka, is a mega-metropolis with a cosmopolitan character that never ceases to amaze. To go to Bangalore is to find a multicultural and multi-religious atmosphere. In actuality, you will find no less than 1000 Hindu temples, 400 mosques, and 100 churches.

Are you planning a trip to see Bangalore and want to learn more about the town’s must-see actions? Then look no further, you have come to the perfect location! Indeed, during the course of the article, we’re going to present to you with the 9 must-see areas in town and their environment.

1- The temple of ISKCON

The temple of ISKCON

The temple of ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna is a must when you’re visiting Bangalore. It’s not just a temple, but also a cultural complex housing monument devoted to many deities.

The objective of the gigantic complex is to spread Krishna’s consciousness all around the world. Whether for its extraordinary architecture, its areas for meditation, or its succulent food. A visit to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Is Vital in Bangalore.

Moreover, at night, the decorations are illuminated by a play of light, which makes the area even more magical. If you’re lucky, you may have the ability to enjoy the occasional fireworks display.

2- The Wonderla Amusement Park

The Wonderla Amusement Park
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The children are a bit bored with all these temples and other historic monuments? Wondering what to do in Bangalore together? Then each day in the Wonderla entertainment park will address the issue! The park is spread over only over 330,000 square meters of property. There are over 60 rides to amuse young and old alike.

The amusement park is open from 11 am to 6 pm. You will therefore have the time to experience many attractions of all types. But if one day isn’t enough for you, then think about a multi-day pass. They’ll let you return several times, but also save you money.

3- The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
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Wondering what to do in Bangalore with your kids? Then Consider the Visvesvaraya Museum of Technology. It houses a large number of treasures, machinery, and artifacts associated with science and engineering. Its interactive exhibits with dinosaurs or mechanical and electrical devices make it an enjoyable place for children. Moreover, several interesting shows occur at regular intervals.

Be aware that the museum has added a significant new section: The Science for Kid gallery. This gallery is a place full of fun and educational interactive tasks. Finally, a small choice of alternatives to your snack of the day can be found in the museum’s canteen.

4- The Giant Bazaar on Commercial Street

Giant Bazaar
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Wondering what to do in Bangalore and wish to do some shopping? Subsequently Commercial Street and its surrounding lanes will become your new heaven! This endless bazaar has everything: clothing, tools, handicrafts, furniture, electronics, and much more. Do you’ve got the spirit of a negotiator? Then you can test your abilities with the stores on the surrounding roads.

What is more, many regional restaurants populate this busy area with tasty regional delicacies. Therefore, you may even benefit from your shopping day to immerse yourself in the local and traditional cuisine. Another must while you’re visiting Bangalore.

5- Pyramid Valley International

Pyramid Valley International
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Do you want some quiet and you are wondering what to do in Bangalore? Then know that a peaceful valley with a pyramid in its center is waiting for you. You’ve read correctly, the Pyramid Valley International is a very famous and appreciated place. Indeed, you won’t only have the ability to see its pyramid, but also to discover the calm and serenity passing through this religious location.

Visitors often come to the valley so as to meditate. Its green and bewitching character will calm you down. And the king’s room in the pyramid will take your meditation session to another level.

6- The Bull Temple

The Bull Temple
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Tourists, searching for a spiritual place when visiting Bangalore, will be served with the Bull Temple. This one is extremely famous for its large statue of the sacred bull, Nandi. Really, this statue of Nandi is reported to be among the greatest in the world. Its specific features attract many tourists and lovers from all around the world.

7- Lalbagh Gardens

7- Lalbagh Gardens
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The famed Lalbagh Gardens are essential for those wishing to go to Bangalore. These are home to the greatest assortment of tropical plants in India. Spread over a bit less than 1 square kilometer, the area is believed to have over a million floral species.

Consequently, the area is ideal if you’re a nature lover.

8- Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park
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Bannerghatta National Park is famous for its large selection of creatures and plants. This must-see place if you’re wondering what to do in Bangalore was set in 1970. It was subsequently declared a national park in 1974. In addition, in 2002, a part of it turned into a biological reserve.

Being a highly popular tourist destination, Bannerghatta has a great deal to offer. The park has a zoo, animal rescue center, aquarium, safari, and much more. However old you are, this action will be forever etched in your memory.

9- The HAL Centre

The HAL Centre

You are wondering what to do in Bangalore before you depart? Then, we suggest you a museum in Bangalore that will delight the young and the passionate men of airplanes and helicopters. Really, the HAL Centre will make you discover life-size airplane models, an activity that kids love.