18 BEST Places to Visit in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island is a part of the Klungkung Province in Bali but is less developed than the mother island. In recent decades, Nusa Penida is now a favorite destination for travelers seeking adventure, places less frequented by tourists, or to swim with manta rays. This island is only starting to come out of its lethargy so in case you would like to explore it until its tourist boom does not wait too long as change can occur quickly.

A BIT OF HISTORY to Begin with

Nusa Penida has its own dialect that is spoken nowhere else in Bali. After this island was a land of exile for criminals and undesirables banished in the Klungkung kingdom, which earned Nusa Penida a terrible reputation. Nusa Penida is the mythical home of Jero Gede Macaling the king of demons and lots of Balinese believe that the island is haunted by bad power and black magic. The Balinese need to go on a pilgrimage to Nusa Penida at least once in their lives to plead to appease the evil spirits and they do not stay overnight on the island on this event since they’re fearful of their island.

The streets of Nusa Penida aren’t in great condition but infrastructure Work has been done lately to cure this, but this doesn’t stop some places that are still tricky to access.


It’s a rock-shaped coastal formation situated on the southwest coast of Nusa Penida. This place is marked with its own arch-shaped formation in which the waves of the Indian Ocean come to wreck. Broken Beach is a superb place for amateur photographers and people searching for panoramic views. Adjacent to this place there are also macaques. Also if you’re lucky you may have the ability to see the silhouettes of those gorgeous animals like manta rays swimming near the surface of the water.


In Nusa Penida, the accessibility to Atuh Beach is worth the effort: forcing On a tough road and among these descents to perform on foot but this unbelievable small cove is worth all the effort.


Among the cultural attractions of the island. For to this cave Where there’s a temple you’ll pass signs along the primary street Ped Buyuk. An altar and a temple guardian guard the entrance to this cave, which is unique in that it can only be obtained via a narrow opening in the rocks. You’ll need to remember to bend enough to get into the basement that’s incredibly spacious, it’s said that this basement can accommodate up to 5,000 people. And no, it is not quite as dark down there as you could imagine because the power was set up in this cave a couple of years back. There are lots of Hindu temples in this basement and one for Buddhists. Folks come here to beg for protection, prosperity but especially for religious purity. The Balinese believe that by seeing this cave they could cure diseases.


It’s a bay with 200 meters of white sand on the west coast of Nusa Penida. Notwithstanding its isolation that the bay is rather well reachable due to its developed access streets. Along with its palm-filled beach, the bay is famous for its beautiful beachfront area. Near the beach, you can swim, but you need to focus on the currents that are found in Nusa Penida.


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This spring which flows into the sea must be earned! You will have To conquer over 750 measures including 450 meters of vertiginous descent because the stairs in question are constructed along the cliff. It is wise to not look down to prevent panic. Adventurous this waterfall is calling you!


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Few folks know about this temple, which is hard to access. As You’ll have known the infrastructures of Nusa Penida aren’t yet fully grown, the Segara Kidul temple is situated close to the Peguyangan waterfall that we were talking about before and you’ll need to take the 700 steps that result in the temple in which the statue of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul or called Nyi Roro Kidu who’s the queen of the southern sea and whose color is green. It’s believed that it’s better not to wear green if you’re at the seaside as you risk getting swept away by a tide. Additionally, there are 3 altars at this temple for Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, and a sacred spring in which the Balinese have the chance to purify themselves.


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If you have heard of Teletubbies you will surely remember these 4 Children’s characters and the sets of the show. And since the resemblance jumps out with these hills of Nusa Penida to people of Teletubbies they’ve taken the nickname Teletubbies Hills / Bukit Teletubbies. It’s much better to go there in the morning or late afternoon to avoid suffering too much in the heat.


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The Temple Point or also known as Buddha Temple is situated between Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida and is exceptional. In a depth of 7 meters, statues of Buddha and stupa have been put there. On a Buddha, there’s even an anemone which gives the impression that the statue has hair on its head. Lovers of the sea you’ll be enchanted by this place!


A magical place that offers itself to you with this magnificent Infinity pool and its own bewitchingly colored waters. But don’t be deceived by the beauty of the pool that may be dangerous. Indeed some people have already died there when they had been swept away by a wave with no opportunity to survive due to the strong currents. We, therefore, advise you to not gamble your life just to get a picture…


When we discuss Nusa Penida this place is the one that has become The icon of the island. Lovers of photography will be thrilled. In any case note, it is an excellent experience to go down to the shore and especially to go back up.


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This village is located on a hill, the street leading to it is Something but it might be worth seeing. Life in this gorgeous village is peaceful. You’ll have the ability to find the women weaving in their houses, a project that sometimes takes a few weeks of work to finish.


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Another beautiful beach of Nusa Penida that some compare to the shore of Dreamland in Bali. Like most beaches of Nusa Penida still, stairs to get it, in any case, it remains little frequented.


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A unique and interesting place with its two automobiles placed there in this Temple and function as altars. What might appear to be should cars aren’t it is just the shape given to those altars made from stone. Discover the history of the unusual temple!


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Situated at the Thousand Islands view this is one of those Attractions of the island and isn’t far from Atuh shore. This house is known as a result of the pictures on Instagram which were taken there. Please be aware that this home can be rented but you shouldn’t have high expectations regarding its cleanliness or comfort, you’re warned.


One of the reasons why travelers prefer to visit Nusa Penida: to try to Swim with manta rays in diving or snorkeling. The Manta Point is truly the cleaning station for the manta rays in the region, but because they are wild creatures it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll have the ability to see them. Also to know that there’s a present at this location, we suggest that you arrange your sea trip to this place with actual diving clubs even though it’ll be a bit more expensive than taking a neighborhood with your own boat. Security is priceless and we have clients who have completed a snorkeling excursion to Manta Point by simply passing by a neighborhood with his ship and told us that they feared for their safety in the water due to the currents and the lack of oversight of the organizer of the excursion. So to make certain to leave with memorable memories, we actually suggest that you follow our advice.


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The Ped temple is the best-known temple of Nusa Penida it’s also Called Pura Penataran Agung Ped, it comprises a sanctuary dedicated to Jero Gede Macaling. It’s a source of electricity for people who practice black magic and a place of pilgrimage for people who seek protection from disease and evil. Legend has it that anyone who prays or meditates at this temple will get the balance between the corporeal world and the invisible world.


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It is a great place for a nice hike and provides a beautiful view of nature and a quiet atmosphere. If you enjoy walking the Tembeling woods is the best option for you, the descent is through thick, green vegetation and the forest is filled with the melodious calls of native birds. After reaching the end of the course you’ll be rewarded with a swim in the pools. The Tembeling woods has 2 pools, one religious and one for men, and one for girls. If you go even farther, a gorgeous beach will look at the end of the path and you won’t need to leave again.


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Adrenaline fans, this stunt is for you! The little reward at the end of these dangerous stairs the waterfall and the sea view.