16 of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland

Far from the beaten track, Ireland is a destination that’s a little off the beaten track. But Eire, from its Irish name, is a beautiful country filled with miracles and beautiful cities to detect during a trip. Long under the yoke of England, the Republic of Ireland is independent and covers a large portion of the island of the same name. Really, Northern Ireland still belongs to the United Kingdom where it’s one of the four constituent parts.

If the climate may put off some travelers, it’s wrong: the nation has luxuriant vegetation, swarming with medieval castles, in the center of historic counties. Wondering what to do in Ireland? You won’t be bored during your stay on this fabulous island, there are a lot of places to discover! Thus, to help you prepare for your Irish experience, we’ve prepared a list of the 16 most gorgeous places to see in Ireland!

1- Dublin

Visiting Ireland means finding its own capital! Dublin can easily keep you occupied for over a weekend. This historical city is a testimony to the Irish ago. The city has many museums, like the National Museum, the Writers’ Museum, but also beautiful buildings to detect during your stays such as Christ Church Cathedral and its crypt, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College.

Most importantly, get the most out of your stay in Dublin by strolling through the narrow streets and cobbled streets of the center, strolling through the markets, and tasting the delicious regional beers in the numerous bars of the capital. Because visiting Ireland is also about tasting its own beers! Known for its cultural effervescence and joyous atmosphere, the Temple Bar district is very suggested for your stay in Dublin. If you prefer to enjoy this drink, it is also possible to visit the Guinness Storehouse!

2- Galway

From the west of Ireland, Galway is a vibrant and enchanting city, a cultural center of the island, where many artists have abandoned their joyous imprint.

In town, you can visit the Collegiate Church of St Nicholas, the mythical Lynch’s Castle residence, or find the Spanish Arch, souvenirs of the Middle Ages. Be aware that throughout the summer, many festivals and artistic events take place in Galway!

3- Connemara

Not far from Galway is the Connemara National Park, a must if you intend to see Ireland! This real paradise on earth, untamed by man, covers over 2,000 hectares.

Three tours of varying length and difficulty will make it possible for you to find the park’s beautiful wildlife in an impressive setting. From the imposing mountains, you will enjoy an unbelievable panorama of the rolling plains, the forests and lakes that are colossal, the peat bogs, and the red moors of Connemara!

4- Cliffs of Moher

What to do in Ireland? Admire the mythical Cliffs of Moher, Naturally! Located south of Galway, they’re more than 8 km long and up to 215 meters high.

Undoubtedly you’ll be astounded by the power, beauty, and grandeur of the mecca of Irish tourism!

5- Giant’s Causeway

Situated in Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway, or”Clochán na bhFómharach” in Gaelic, is a formidable geological formation consisting of over 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns, some of which are around 12 meters high!

Legend has it that it was constructed so that two giants, one Irish and the other Scottish, could face each other. There are lots of sites to go to, so don’t be afraid to request a guide to find out more about this emblematic place in Ireland!

6- Belfast

On your way to Giant’s Causeway, Belfast is essential to stop. This historical city on the island was the scene of the war between the Unionists and the Nationalists, traces of which can nevertheless be viewed on Belfast’s walls.

Despite its not-so-distant tragic past, the town deserves your attention. During your walks, you’ll have the ability to admire the superb Victorian architecture of the city, in addition to the Grand Opera House, the University of Queens, and the Botanic Garden!

7- Kerry County

It’s not possible to go to Ireland without detecting County Kerry! The Ring of Kerry is especially among the most beautiful streets in Ireland. It will let you admire the hills, the Irish coasts, and especially the sublime Cliffs of Kerry.

Breathtaking panoramas await you along this 180km long route! Whether you travel by car, bicycle, or on foot, you’ll find your happiness involving roads, mountain trails, or walks in the middle of nature. Whether it is your starting point for seeing Kerry, do not be afraid to linger in Killarney to admire its superb historical monuments, such as Ross Castle.

8- Dingle Peninsula

North of County Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula is a must-see! Taking its title from the town of Dingle, the peninsula exists thanks to the existence of a mountain range, the Sliabh Mish, which juts out into the sea!

Mount Brandon, among the largest in Ireland with its 951 meters of elevation, will provide you with a sublime view of the area. Wild and using a gentle climate, between sea and mountains, the Dingle Peninsula is a special spot to discover if you visit Ireland! Moreover, to find a typical Irish town, you should linger in Dingle. Belonging to the Gaeltach area, where Irish is still spoken, it’s home to little picturesque restaurants and pubs where you are able to listen to Irish music.

9- Skellig Michael

Away from the coast of Kerry, the Skellig Islands rise abruptly to 218 meters over the Atlantic Ocean. Isolated, Skellig Michael was home to a small Christian monastery in the Middle Ages.

Safe and famous for its archaeological sites, it has recently gained new fame thanks to incidents VII and VIII of Star Wars. Indeed, the island has been used as a filming location for both films of the saga!

10- Cork

What to do in Ireland? Go to the vibrant student city of Cork! The third most populated city on the island, it’s currently undergoing an exceptional cultural and economic boom. During the day, you’ll have the ability to find a fabulous architectural tradition that has spanned the ages, from the Middle Ages to the present day, with average streets like St. Patrick’s Street, sublime cathedrals, and friendly museums.

At night, restaurants and bars will take over and you can enjoy delicious meals, refreshing pints, and pleasant concerts!

11- Kinsale

South of Cork, Kinsale is a magical little city to discover if you go to see Ireland!

Known for its colorful houses and art galleries, it’s also home to a gorgeous historical heritage, like the Charles Fort, which overlooks and protects the bay.

12- The Rock of Cashel

Visiting Ireland also means admiring magnificent castles a few hundred years old. The Rock of Cashel is one of the most emblematic. Growing nearly 60 meters from the top of an imposing rocky summit, it’s a complex of absolutely fantastic medieval remains.

Overlooking the city, it’s a mecca for Irish tourism. Anyone interested in knowing more about the country’s medieval history should go to The Rock!

13- The Coumshingaun Lough

Credit: Coumshingaun Lough
Surrounded by hills, in the center of a veritable cirque of stone, Coumshingaun Lough is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Ireland. You won’t regret making this superb increase in the Comeragh Mountains once you find the sublime view of the lake!

A dizzying and stunning spectacle will benefit the most daring.

14- Kilkenny

You are still asking what to do in Ireland? Known for its sublime medieval architecture and exceptional heritage, Kilkenny is a mecca for Irish tourism with its magnificent castles and cathedrals!

It’s also in this town that the beer of the same name is brewed. So to enjoy a tasty pint and stroll through the charming little streets, Kilkenny should be on your itinerary!

15- Slieve League

Located in the northernmost county of Donegal, the Slieve League Cliff is the second highest cliff in Europe! At 606 meters you’ll be facing one of the most gorgeous views in Ireland.

Although there’s a whole lot of wind, the increase is definitely worthwhile, so allow time to detect this unmissable website!

16- Glenveagh National Park

nationla park
Credit: Glenveagh National Park
County Donegal has many surprises in store for you… This 16,000-hectare park with its gardens and castle is about 20 kilometers from Letterkenny.

Between the hills of Derryveagh and the valleys of Lough Veagh and Poisoned Glen, Glenveagh National Park offers breathtaking views and a wonderful walk. The more sporty (and braver), will be enticed by a browsing session: a somewhat popular game in the environment, it has to be stated that the tide is usually there!