15 Best Things to Do in Woburn (MA)

Woburn, Massachusetts is a great place to explore and experience the best of what the northeast has to offer. From outdoor activities to cultural events, there are plenty of amazing things to do in this vibrant city. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or planning a longer stay, here’s our list of the 15 best things to do in Woburn MA. From historic sites and museums to family attractions and outdoor recreation areas, you’ll find something fun for everyone.

1. Horn Pond

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Horn Pond is a picturesque, man-made body of water located in Woburn, Massachusetts (MA). The pond is approximately 65 feet deep and covers an area of about 158 acres. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Since its inception over 200 years ago, Horn Pond has been a popular destination for those who want to enjoy a peaceful day fishing or just taking in some incredible views. Visitors can spend the day swimming and kayaking on the calm waters or take their catch home with them when they leave. There are also plenty of trails around the pond that provide scenic overlooks as well as access to local wildlife such as beavers, geese, ducks, osprey and herons.

2. Woburn Center

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Woburn Center is a bustling town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. With a population of over 40,000 people, this charming community offers something for everyone. Located just 10 miles north of downtown Boston, Woburn Center has become one of the most popular destinations in the United States.

The city is rich with history, and many tourists come to visit historic sights such as the Woburn Common or explore its vibrant shopping district. For those looking to enjoy some outdoor activities, there are plenty of parks and trails that offer spectacular views of the area’s picturesque landscape. In addition to its natural beauty and historical attractions, Woburn Center also boasts numerous cultural events throughout the year including concerts at City Hall Plaza and art exhibitions.

3. Woburn Public Library

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The Woburn Public Library in Massachusetts is one of the most important public institutions in the United States. Serving a population of more than 38,000 residents, it not only provides access to books and other materials but also offers educational and recreational programming for all ages.

Established in 1895, this library has a rich history that has been documented over the years. It holds an extensive collection of books, magazines and audio-visual materials that appeals to a wide variety of interests. In addition to its regular programs, the Woburn Public Library also serves as a vital resource for research by providing access to online databases as well as reference services.

The library prides itself on offering a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can come together to learn and explore ideas.

4. Lord Hobo Brewing Company (LHBC)

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Lord Hobo Brewing Company (LHBC) is a prominent craft brewery located in Massachusetts. Founded in 2015, LHBC has come to be one of the most beloved breweries in the United States. With their commitment to excellence, LHBC produces some of the highest quality beer available on the market today.

By using only the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art brewing equipment, LHBC consistently crafts delectable brews that can satisfy even the pickiest of palates. From their signature New England style IPAs to their delicious Pilsners and Stouts, LHBC has something for everyone! What’s more is that each beer is brewed with an emphasis on sustainability and conservation – ensuring that every drop of beer tastes great while still protecting our planet.

5. Benjamin Thompson House–Count Rumford Birthplace

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The Benjamin Thompson House, located in Woburn, Massachusetts (MA), United States is the birthplace of Count Rumford. Built in 1726, it served as the home of Major General Benjamin Thompson and his family until 1788.

The house is a two-story wood frame structure with a gambrel roof covering its original five bays. The house has been renovated and enlarged several times over the years, including the addition of a wing to the east side in 1852. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

Today, Count Rumford’s birthplace serves as an example of early colonial architecture and is open to visitors who can take tours through its rooms and learn more about its history and significance.

6. Mary Cummings Park

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Mary Cummings Park in Massachusetts is one of the most beloved parks in the United States. Spanning over 400 acres, this hidden gem is located on the outskirts of Boston and provides an array of outdoor activities to suit all ages. With a variety of trails for hiking, biking, and running, as well as picnic areas, recreational sports fields and playgrounds for children, it’s no wonder why this park has been a popular destination for both local residents and visitors from across the country.

The park also offers a wide range of educational opportunities with its nature center which features educational programs about animal habitats and wildlife. In addition to its various attractions, Mary Cummings Park also boasts beautiful views of nearby ponds and meadows that provide perfect spots for relaxing or enjoying a picnic lunch with friends or family.

7. Baldwin House (Sichuan Garden)

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Located in the city of Reading, Massachusetts (MA), Baldwin House is a unique eatery that offers an array of Sichuan cuisine. This charming restaurant has been featured in several publications, and it’s known for its delicious dishes from all over the United States. The owner, John Baldwin, opened Baldwin House to bring authentic flavors from places such as Chengdu and Chongqing to Massachusetts residents. He takes pride in providing guests with an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

At Baldwin House you’ll find traditional dishes prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Many of their offerings are cooked with chili peppers or other spices to give them a spicy kick that will tantalize your taste buds. With large portions and reasonable prices, this restaurant is ideal for anyone looking for some delicious Chinese food without breaking the bank.

8. Woburn Bowladrome

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The Woburn Bowladrome, located in Woburn, Massachusetts (MA), is a unique and historic bowling alley that has been entertaining bowlers throughout the United States for over 70 years. Since its opening in 1947, the establishment has delighted visitors with its classic American charm, creating a fun atmosphere full of competitive excitement. The lane plays host to many league teams as well as open play; they also offer a snack bar and pool tables.

The vintage vibe of this age-old alley makes it stand out from other entertainment venues in MA, providing an unforgettable experience for bowlers of all ages and skill levels. With 16 lanes featuring Brunswick Anvilane synthetic surfaces, AMF automatic pin setters and electronic scoring systems, you can stay on top of your game while enjoying yourself at this classic bowling center.

9. Middlesex Fells Reservation

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Located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts (MA), the Middlesex Fells Reservation is a 2,575-acre wooded area that provides ample recreational opportunities for visitors. Established in 1894, this public space was created to preserve and protect its vast wildlife population for generations to come. Managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) since 1904, it is one of the largest urban wilds within the United States.

The park features numerous activities such as hiking on more than 20 miles of trails that wind through beautiful forests. Visitors can also enjoy fishing in Spot Pond or camping at one of three designated areas located throughout the park. The reservation also includes an array of attractions including Lookout Tower Hill, Sheepfold Ruins and Stoneham Zoo which are open year-round.

10. Cranberry Bog Conservation Area

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The Cranberry Bog Conservation Area in the state of Massachusetts is a beautiful natural site that needs to be preserved for generations to come. Located in an isolated area of MA, this site includes a diverse range of wetland habitats suitable for many different species of plants and animals. This unique environment provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest while also helping promote conservation efforts throughout the United States.

The Cranberry Bog Conservation Area covers approximately 500 acres and offers numerous activities such as bird watching, fishing, hiking, biking, kayaking and more. A wide variety of wildlife can be spotted here including deer, foxes, hawks, coyotes, muskrats and more. The area also contains a vernal pool which acts as an important breeding ground for amphibians such as frogs and salamanders.

11. Showcase Cinema de Lux Woburn

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Showcase Cinemas de Lux Woburn, located in Massachusetts (MA), United States, is the perfect place to catch the latest movies. This luxury cinema offers a unique and luxurious movie going experience with its state-of-the-art amenities and facilities. With eleven auditoriums featuring wall-to-wall curved screens, high definition digital projection, as well as 3D technology, Showcase Cinemas de Lux Woburn provides an unparalleled cinematic experience. In addition to the amazing view of the films on screen, guests can enjoy comfortable leather recliners with footrests or traditional stadium seating for up to 300 guests in each theater. Plus there’s no need to worry about missing out on your favorite food while watching a movie – they serve fresh hot food and snacks delivered right to your seat!

12. Breakout Games

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Welcome to Massachusetts, United States and the 12th Breakout Games! This is an amazing game center that offers visitors of all ages an exciting and engaging gaming experience and is one of the best escape rooms in the state.

The 12th Breakout Games is designed with a wide range of challenges, from puzzles to scavenger hunts. At this facility, you will find various themed scenarios such as: bank robbery mystery, prison break-in, zombie attack or Egyptian adventure. Each game requires guests to solve riddles and complete tasks within a set time limit before being able to ‘break out’ of their respective room. You can play solo or team up with friends or family members for an even more thrilling experience.

The atmosphere at this venue is always lively and inviting – it’s the perfect spot for groups looking for something unique to do together.

13. XtremeCraze

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XtremeCraze is the newest and most exciting entertainment center in Massachusetts. Located in Framingham, MA, XtremeCraze is the perfect place to go to let off some steam with friends and family. With over 20,000 square feet of activity space, XtremeCraze offers something for everyone. From state-of-the-art arcade games and laser tag to a restaurant serving up delicious food, there’s always something new happening at XtremeCraze.

Visitors can choose from a wide range of activities that will keep them entertained for hours. There are bowling lanes equipped with automated scoring systems as well as mini golf courses and bumper cars for those who want some friendly competition. For younger kids there are also plenty of rides and attractions such as an interactive 3D theater where they can journey through different worlds on an epic adventure.

14. O’Brien Rink

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The O’Brien Rink in Malden, Massachusetts, is a popular ice skating rink and hockey facility that has been serving the community since 1969. Located just outside Boston, it is one of the most iconic rinks in the United States. The facility serves as a home for countless public and private activities, including figure skating competitions, hockey tournaments, birthday parties, and more. It’s also home to some of Massachusetts’ top high school ice hockey teams.

O’Brien Rink features two NHL-sized rinks with professional quality lighting and sound systems. This allows skaters of all ages to enjoy their experience at this state-of-the art facility. The rink also offers lessons for those who want to learn how to skate or perfect their skills on the ice.

15. Stone Zoo

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The Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts (MA) is an animal sanctuary and educational experience for visitors of all ages. This family friendly zoo has been welcoming guests since 1905 and features more than 130 species of exotic and native animals from around the world. From Chilean flamingos to African lions, the Stone Zoo offers a wide variety of wildlife for people to observe.

Visiting the zoo allows visitors to learn about the different species living there while also having fun in a safe environment. Many exhibits feature interactive games and activities that help foster appreciation and respect for animals while increasing visitor’s knowledge on conservation efforts. The Stone Zoo also offers bird shows where guests can watch as trained birds fly over their heads or perform fun tricks like balancing objects on their beaks!

In conclusion,Woburn, MA has plenty of activities and attractions to offer visitors. Whether you’re looking for a unique dining experience, want to explore the outdoors, or are searching for a place to learn more about the area’s history, there is something here for everyone. From visiting the local breweries and historic sites to participating in outdoor activities and shopping around town, Woburn is a great destination for any traveler.