10 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Leipzig

What to do in Leipzig, the new Berlin? Discover the must-do’s and must-see’s in Germany’s stylish city.

Leipzig, also called “New Berlin”, is a town of 540,000 inhabitants in north-eastern Germany. Stylish by night, attractive by the day, Leipzig is a magnet for tourists and students searching for culture, entertainment, and history. It appeals to people who desire a change from the renowned weekend in Berlin. Despite the fact that the German capital has incontrovertible tourist attractions, Leipzig has made its mark as one of Europe’s coolest cities. With its rich past, the city has much to offer history fans.

Through time, Leipzig has become one of Europe’s must-see cities. Do not wait any longer to receive your airplane ticket and pack your bags! As a result of our guide to the 10 must-do things to do in Leipzig, there isn’t any chance your stay will not go perfectly.

From concerts and exhibitions to not be missed, to pubs to have a Drink and monuments to see, you will learn everything about the town of Leipzig.

1- The MarktPlatz

Located in the heart of the city center, MarktPlatz Is Essential for all things to do in Leipzig. The buildings surrounding it feature stunning, typical Italian architecture. At MarktPlatz, You’ll Be at the center of shopping and sights like the Church of St. Nicholas, the Specks Hof Passage, the Old Town Hall, and museums. It’s well-served by the tram and for that reason quite easy to reach. It is among the first stops on your weekend in Leipzig!

In order to fully enjoy not only this emblematic place but also all The historic, architectural and cultural treasures nestled around Leipzig, we suggest that you choose a guided tour of the historical center. For a family moment, think of the treasure hunt, a means to discover the town while having fun!

2- The Madler Passage

Worthy of the Vivienne Gallery in Paris, the Madler Passage is Located a couple of steps from MarktPlatz. The city of Leipzig has about thirty covered passages such as this one, but Madler is among the most beautiful to see.

Inside, you will find chic restaurants and shops. It’s the perfect Combo for a romantic weekend escape. Especially since the Madler Passage has unbelievable architecture and the details are fabulous.

3- Plagwitz

Credit: Plagwitz
This trendy district is situated southwest of Leipzig’s city center.

It’s the epitome of street art and is home to many ethnic treasures and will appeal to visiting artists. Throughout the day, take advantage of an exploratory session to find among the exhibitions from the district. At night, visit a pub to sample the famed Ritterguts Gose, a beer that’s been brewed in Leipzig for nearly 200 years.

4- The Spinnerei

Credit: Spinnerei 
The Spinnerei is a former industrial area, the so-called Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, which was previously used for cotton spinning.

Today it’s home to dozens of cool cafés, restaurants, exhibition halls, and shops. There are designers and cinemas. Additionally, it is a favorite place for hipsters. The luckiest ones may even sleep there! Really, the Spinnerei is home to irregular lofts, ideal for a weekend worthy of an artist.

5- The theater district

Credit: Theater District
What to do in Leipzig? Proceed to the Gottschedstraße, also known as the “Theater District”. This street is a couple of minutes’ walk from MarktPlatz and the Madler Passage. You can go to everything on foot in the course of a day.

6- The Panometer Museum

Credit: Panometer Museum
This museum exhibits exceptional panoramas created by the artist Yadegar Asisi. As a result of the information collected during his travels, he’s managed to create unique works of art which are renowned the world over. During your trip, you can admire the Titanic or Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

To take full advantage of this museum and prevent long queues, consider The queue ticket which will provide you direct access to this Panometer.

7- The Arabischen Coffe Baum

Credit: Arabischen Coffe Baum
It’s a favorite spot for writers, musicians, and students. Since the early 1800s, the Arabischen Coffe Baum was one of Leipzig’s best known.

In Addition to being atypical, it’s now been converted into a coffee museum. The 15 exhibition rooms on three floors tell the whole history of coffee.

8- Panorama Tower

Credit: Panorama Tower
Visiting Leipzig without enjoying a panoramic view of the whole city? It’s not feasible. For this, go to the Panorama Tower.

You can enjoy a guided city tour including a visit to the website. Go There at sunset, it is even better! In the winter, tourists like to come and enjoy the view with a glass of mulled wine. Situated on the 30th floor, it offers an unbelievable panorama for miles around. Lovers can even enjoy a candlelit dinner at the tower’s restaurant.

9- Wackelturm

Credit: Wackelturm Park 
Located in the north of Leipzig’s city center, Wackelturm Park Is one of the favorite places for visitors to come and recharge their batteries after a long day’s sightseeing in town. Additionally, it is a perfect place for people who wish to go running in the morning or have a family walk.

10- The zoo with the family

Credit: Leipzig Zoo
The final stop of your weekend is the Leipzig Zoo in Wackelturm Park. The kids will be thrilled. Today it’s considered among the oldest zoos in Germany and ranks among the very best in Europe.

Where to stay in Leipzig?

Leipzig has been divided into several districts, each with its own attractions. Whether you are in the town center to enjoy the sights on Foot, in Plagwitz to sleep in a loft between fashionable restaurants and art Galleries, or at Gottschedstraße, the theatre district… You’ll be conquered! The city of Leipzig has many surprises in store for you. In Addition to finding cheap accommodation on the Airbnb site, you will also have the chance to book unusual lodging!