Top 25 Most Visited Cities in Italy

Have you ever wondered which are the most visited Italian cities? Well, you don’t have to anymore because we present the ranking based on the latest official ISTAT survey which is public and can be found online. It dates from 2018 and is based on the number of tourists registered in the Italian accommodation facilities during 2017. Since then, no official updates or corrections have been published, so it’s the only truly reliable document on the most visited Italian cities.

You may be surprised by the presence of some almost unknown cities in the top 10,  which gravitate around centers of great interest such as Venice.

City Region Attendance
Rome Lazio 26.944.569
Milan Lombardy 11.852.973
Venice Veneto 11,685,819
Florence Tuscany 10.056.157
Rimini Emilia Romagna 7,376,990
Cavallino-Treporti Veneto 6,310,266
San Michele al Tagliamento Veneto 5,719,540
Jesolo Veneto 5,664,409
Caorle Veneto 4,469,901
Turin Piedmont 3,717,634
Lignano Sabbiadoro Friuli Venezia Giulia 3,584,952
Lazise Veneto 3,576,398
Riccione Emilia Romagna 3,559,615
Cervia Emilia Romagna 3,553,112
Cesenatico Emilia Romagna 3,327,357
Naples Campania 3,243,737
Bologna Emilia Romagna 2,986,733
Ravenna Emilia Romagna 2,779,203
Sorrento Campania 2,467,279
Comacchio Emilia Romagna 2,433,211
Peschiera del Garda Veneto 2,401,356
Verona Veneto 2,317,359
Bellaria-Igea Marina Emilia Romagna 2,198,974
Bardolino Veneto 2,054,980
Abano Terme Veneto 1.993.177

25. Abano Terme

@flickr by Susy & Adriano

A small town of about 20,000 inhabitants in Veneto, in the province of Padua, Abano Terme is one of the main European spas. Moreover, due to its ideal location, it benefits from visiting the main tourist centers of Veneto: Padua and Venice, as well as Verona and Treviso.

Why visit it?

For the thermal baths and the strategic position.

24. Bardolino

@flickr by Foto_Martin

There are only 7,000 inhabitants and it has the characteristics and benefits like its “sister” city, Abano Terme. It’s located in the province of Verona, in an amazing position, on the shore of Lake Garda with all the tourist implications that it entails. It’s a stone’s throw from Verona, Mantua, Peschiera del Garda, and about 20 km from Gardaland.

Why visit it?

To save on accommodation in neighboring tourist centers such as Gardaland, Verona, and Mantua. It’s best to visit it in spring and summer.

23. Bellaria Igea Marina

@flickr by sandraxicara

Here’s another illustrious “little sister” in the ranking. Bellaria is a delightful seaside village on the Romagna Riviera with a strong tourist growth and a succession of hotels and villages ideal for families. A virtuous model of tourism that draws its nourishment mostly from the income that the sister cities Rimini and Riccione generate, as well as Ravenna, Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, and so on. Needless to say, if in Rimini in summer a room costs x, here it costs at least x -1 …

Why visit it?

For the sea, hospitality excellence, and strategic position.

22. Verona

“There is no world for me beyond the walls of Verona: there is only purgatory, there is torture, the same hell; banished from here, it is as if you were banished from the world, and exile from the world means death. And therefore to say exile is to say death with another term, false and improper; and you, calling my death exile, cut off my head with a golden ax, and smile at the blow that kills me.”

These are the words that, a real Veronese citizen like Romeo would have pronounced according to William Shakespeare. Therefore, it’s understandable why Verona is visited by millions of tourists every year.

It is a city of great artistic and historical wealth with its various events among which the opera season, which takes place at the wonderful Arena, stands out.

Why visit it?

There are millions of reasons of historical, cultural, and artistic interest. It’s a city everyone must visit at least once in their life and can be visited all year round.

21. Peschiera del Garda

In the 21st position, we find another municipality in the Veneto region, in the Veronese province. Peschiera del Garda is one of the top 25 most visited cities in Italy for two reasons: intrinsic tourist interest and strategic position.

The charm of Peschiera del Garda is undeniable. It’s surrounded by a wall, crossed by canals, and positioned on the edge of the lake. It’s also clear that it draws its nourishment from Veneto tourism, more particularly from the nearby Gardaland amusement park, which is practically one of the first “hoteliers” in Peschiera. Not to mention Desenzano, Sirmione, Verona, Mantua, all tourist resorts within a stone’s throw!

Why visit it?

It certainly has a high tourist interest, is a very enjoyable town, and has a strategic position that makes it very attractive.

20. Comacchio

Now we go in the province of Ferrara, in Emilia Romagna, to visit the 4th largest municipality in the region. This city also, with all due respect to the delightful village of Ferrara, finds its place in the ranking due to its proximity to Ferrara, Bologna, and Ravenna, but most of all, to Rimini and Riccione. No need to mention that sleeping in a hotel in Comacchio should cost a little less compared to the aforementioned famous sister cities.

Why visit it?

In the surroundings, there are places of great tourist and naturalistic interest. Plus, you save on accommodation compared to neighboring tourist centers such as Ferrara, Bologna, Ravenna, and Rimini.

19. Sorrento

We are on the Amalfi coast. Ok, full stop… this already explains everything, doesn’t it? The Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited geographical areas in Italy, mostly targeted by the American tourists looking for the emblem of the Dolce Vita”.

From Sorrento, we then move to Amalfi, Positano, with an inevitable trip to Naples and its surroundings. Wonderful!

Why visit it?

It’s a delightful city and a perfect starting point for visiting the tourist region of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula.

18. Ravenna


@flickr by luca.sartoni

We go back to Emilia Romagna and, once again, we find ourselves within that imaginary quadrilateral that unites the centers of Venice, Verona, Florence, and Rimini. It’s the same quadrilateral which, within a radius of 200 km, also includes Bologna, Ferrara, Padua, Mantua, and Ravenna.

Ravenna is nothing less than its surrounding sister cities. It is a delightful town rich in history and culture, known for its mosaics and churches. Moreover, all those magnificent cities that surround it, give an additional value to the city as a tourist destination and starting point for a truly unparalleled historical and cultural itinerary.

Why visit it?

Ravenna has an enormous historical and cultural interest. It’s also a strategic position which makes it ideal as a base for visiting the surroundings.

17. Bologna

Bologna is a city where lively courage blends with a purely medieval aspect. Throughout its history, it has earned many nicknames such as La Grassa, due to the wide culinary tradition (of which the delicious ragù is best-known), La Dotta, as it is the oldest university in Europe founded in 1088, and La Rossa, a name that alludes to the ubiquity of terracotta in medieval buildings decorated with long arcades.

Why visit it?

It’s one of the most important cities in Italy, able to satisfy all interests, from the historical-cultural one to the food and wine one, up to that of nightlife.

16. Naples

Here is another city full of contradictions but with a timeless charm that attracts millions of tourists. Its gulf, with the sea that meets the looming silhouette of Vesuvius, is one of the most photographed and most loved scenarios in the world.
Tourists also choose it for the warmth of the citizens and the culinary specialties, among which the pizza and the delicious desserts stand out.

Why visit it?

It’s an absolute must in Italy and beyond, a city that can surprise and amaze from every point of view, from the historical-cultural one to the food and wine, to the landscapes.

15. Cesenatico

Here summer belongs to those who like to stay late at night, who don’t care about the time, who love the love and the sea, and who often mix them. Cesenatico is, along with Milano Marittima, the queen of the Romagna Riviera north of Rimini and Riccione.

Why visit it?

It’s one of the main centers for nightlife and summer fun.

14. Cervia

@flickr by mor10am

Let’s go back once again to the Romagna Riviera, which is practically cannibalizing the ranking. Just like the aforementioned Cesenatico, Comacchio, and Bellaria Igea Marina, Cervia also feeds on the summer tourism of the Riviera. Sea, sun, lots of fun, and a location that guarantees half of Italy at your fingertips for those who love round daytime trips.

Why visit it?

For the nightlife of course, but also the sea and the strategic position, close to renowned destinations and parks.

13. Riccione

@flickr by D. Marzocchi

The famous sister of Rimini is positioned right at the foot of the top 10. We go back to the Romagna Riviera once again for a purely summer resort where the coast of fun in Italy is.

Why visit it?

Because it’s one of the most popular seaside resorts, the sea of ​​the Riviera, and the fun.

12. Lazise

Now, you may not want to go to Lazise although all the villages on Lake Garda are a delight. However, once again, the reason for almost 3.5 million visitors a year is quite clear. The position, in fact, is “in the center of the world”, in the sense that you can reach almost all the “top destinations” of northern Italy within a radius of just 200 km: Florence and Bologna to the south, Verona and Venice to the east, Milan and Turin to the west. Not to mention that, as in other similar cases in this ranking, the “tourist force” of attractions such as Gardaland.

Why visit it?

Because of its strategic position and because Lazise is a delightful village itself.

11. Lignano Sabbiadoro

@flickr by 104gian

Lignano Sabbiadoro, in the province of Udine, is an ultra VIP destination that has to do mostly with the sea of ​​the Venetian coast. In fact, it’s a stone’s throw from Venice, it’s located in the Gulf of Marano, and it’s a stone’s throw from Bibione, Caorle, and Jesolo.

Why visit it?

For the sea, the chance to meet some VIPs, and its absolutely strategic position.

10. Turin

Turin is the Italian capital of the automotive industry and a city that has long been defined as “magical”. This is probably due to the presence of the very important Egyptian Museum, a place that attracts many visitors and pupils on a school trip every year. Maybe it’s because of the Museo della Sindone, which is located in the crypt of the church of SS. Sudarium, where those interested in this mystery and believers can see the Holy Shroud as well as documents, three-dimensional images, and photos of the same. Simply told, Turin is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

9. Caorle

Caorle is the first city in the ranking to break through 4 million visitors. Municipality in the province of Venice, it overlooks the Venetian lagoon a stone’s throw from the capital and places such as Bibione, Lignano Sabbiadoro, and Jesolo. Located among the most beautiful historic villages in Italy, it’s definitely worth a visit. Plus, its position makes it one of the main Central European tourist destinations. Like Cavallino Treporti, Caorle, Jesolo, and Bibione, these are in fact the closest beaches to central Europe, a kind of “mare nostrum” of the families of German, Austrian, Czech, and Slovak families.

Certainly, its position so close to Venice and the Dolomites contributes to achieving such a tourist flow.

Why visit it?

For the sea and its strategic position.

8. Jesolo

@flickr by faktotum

Another super-VIP location in the province of Venice that is historically linked to the capital. Over the last 20 years, the country has seen an impressive building revival with the redevelopment of residential areas, the birth of hotels and tourist villages, and a tourist dock that has made the municipality soar!

The things that have been said for Caorle and Cavallino Treporti are also valid for Jesolo. It’s one of the main central European bathing destinations and one of the beaches closest to central Europe, a sort of “mare nostrum” for the German, Austrian, Czech, and Slovak families.

7. San Michele al Tagliamento

@flickr by Bibioneonline

We break the 5 million mark for a sister city of the previous one. Less than 30 km from Caorle, in the province of Venice, we find another town that is stormed, especially during the period of the Venetian New Year, and by those who don’t have the prerogative to stay in the center of Venice. Furthermore, it has a strategic position for the summers on the Venetian coast, with the hamlet of Bibione in the forefront.

Why visit it?

For its strategic position and its hospitality excellence, especially in summer.

6. Cavallino-Treporti

@flickr by FRANCO600D

It still revolves around Venice, but Cavallino Treporti is truly Italian excellence! It has well-equipped beaches, the largest campsite in Europe, discos … in short, a true virtuous example of tourism.

Moreover, it is located almost in the center of the Venetian lagoon, practically touching the capital and in the middle of all the islets of the lagoon. Surely this strategic position also contributes to accumulating 6 million visitors, but we repeat how Cavallino Treporti is absolute tourist excellence.

Here also the same things said for Caorle and Jesolo apply: it’s one of the main central European bathing destinations and one of the closest beaches to central Europe.

5. Rimini

In the top 5, we find the queen of Italian tourism! Rimini is the emblem of Italian summer tourism, entertainment, nightlife, crowded beaches, and late nights! And the figure of 7 million visitors makes even more noise because, unlike cities of art such as Rome and Florence, they are concentrated largely in the summer season here.

4. Florence

Florence is a favorite destination for foreigners. Tourists from all over the world are enchanted by this city, a real open-air museum.

The tourist attractions of Florence are endless, just like the culinary and artisan offerings. The Uffizi Gallery is the 20th most visited art gallery in the world.

3. Venice

Venice is the city of lovers par excellence, the city of romance and moonlit gondola rides. The San Marco Square hosts millions of enthusiastic tourists every year even when invaded by water. The recent controversy over the passage of large cruise ships too close has not even slightly affected the eternal charm of the Venetian city.

2 . Milan

Milan is a busy city, sometimes gray and shrouded in the famous “scighera” (fog in Lombardese referring to the proverbial Milanese fog). But Milan can also be very colorful in all the colors that the great designers bring to the catwalk in every season, the greenery of Parco Sempione, and the Christmas markets in the shadow of the majestic cathedral of the Duomo.

1. Rome

Although tourism in the capital has suffered a slight but significant negative decline in recent years, Rome remains the eternal city, preferred by millions of tourists from all corners of the world.

The attractions of this city can’t be listed, due to the infinite availability of itineraries, artworks, monuments, and ruins from any historical period.