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The 50 Most Populous Cities in the World

Have you ended a romantic relationship? Don’t despair if your partner left you because there are over 7 billion people on earth. According to experts and statesmen, the world’s population is set to grow over the next 25 years, so according to the law of large numbers, your chances of finding a soul mate grow dramatically with each passing year. So, if you can’t find your soulmate in your city or country, you can consider moving to one of the most inhabited cities on the planet. But which are those?

While we can’t answer this question with certainty, we’ve prepared 2 different classifications. The first one takes into account “urban areas” (urban agglomerations that also include suburbs) and the second is limited to “real administrative cities”. So, let’s take a look at the 50 most populous cities in the world!

50 Most Populous Urban Areas in the World

Urban area Country N. of Inhabitants
Tokyo-Yokohama Japan 38,505,000
Jakarta Indonesia 34,365,000
Delhi India 28,125,000
Manila Philippines 25,065,000
Seoul-Incheon South Korea 24,315,000
Mumbai India 23,645,000
Shanghai China 22,125,000
New York USA 21,045,000
Sao Paulo Brazil 20,935,000
Mexico City Mexico 20,395,000
Guangzhou-Foshan China 20,130,000
Beijing China 19,430,000
Dhaka Bangladesh 18,595,000
Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto Japan 17,150,000
Cairo Egypt 16,925,000
Moscow Russia 16,555,000
Bangkok Thailand 16,045,000
Los Angeles USA 15,440,000
Kolkata India 15,215,000
Argentina Buenos Aires 15,130,000
Lagos Nigeria 14,630,000
Tehran Iran 14,410,000
Istanbul Turkey 13,860,000
Karachi Pakistan 13,470,000
Shenzhen China 13,195,000
Tianjin China 13,035,000
Kinshasa Dem. Rep. Congo 12,960,000
Chengdu China 12,160,000
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 12,070,000
Lahore Pakistan 11,545,000
File Peru 11,460,000
Bangalore India 11,250,000
Paris France 10,960,000
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 10,955,000
London UK 10,840,000
Bogota Colombia 10,705,000
Chennai India 10,560,000
Nagoya Japan 10,240,000
Hyderabad India 9,580,000
Johannesburg-East Rand South Africa 9,335,000
Chicago USA 9,275,000
Taipei Taiwan 8,535,000
Wuhan China 8,470,000
Dongguan China 8,410,000
Hanoi Vietnam 8,350,000
Chongqing China 8,300,000
Onitsha Nigeria 8,075,000
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 7,860,000
Ahmadabad India 7,715,000
Luanda Angola 7,645,000

50 Most Populous Administrative Cities in the World

City Country N. of inhabitants
Chongqing China 30,165,500
Shanghai China 24,183,300
Beijing China 21,707,000
Lagos Nigeria 16,348,100
Istanbul Turkey 15,029,231
Karachi Pakistan 14,910,352
Dhaka Bangladesh 14,399,000
Tokyo Japan 13,515,231
Moscow Russia 13,200,000
Guangzhou China 13,081,000
Shenzhen China 12,528,300
Mumbai India 12,442,373
St. Paul Brazil 12,038,000
Kinshasa Congo 11,462,000
Tianjin China 11,249,000
Lahore Pakistan 11,126,000
Delhi India 11,034,555
Jakarta Indonesia 10,624,000
Dongguan China 10,624,000
Seoul South Korea 9,806,000
Foshan China 9,729,000
Chengdu China 9,012,000
File Peru 8,894,000
Mexico Mexico 8,918,653
London UK 8,825,001
Tehran Iran 8,694,000
Bangalore India 8,443,675
New York United States 8,398,748
Shenyang China 8,106,171
Wuhan China 8,035,000
Bogota Colombia 7,963,000
Ningbo China 7,605,689
Cairo Egypt 7,601,018
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 7,431,000
Hong Kong China 7,298,600
Nanjing China 7,260,000
Hanoi Vietnam 7,232,700
Changsha China 7,044,118
Hangzhou China 7,035,000
Hyderabad India 6,993,262
Baghdad Iraq 6,793,000
Chennai India 6,727,000
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 6,694,000
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 6,520,000
Xi’an China 6,220,000
Suzhou China 5,983,000
Bangkok Thailand 5,782,000
Singapore Singapore 5,607,000
Ahmedabad India 5,570,585
Santiago Chile 5,561,000