Top 12 best visits and activities to do in Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles, located in the western Indian Ocean, north of Madagascar, is an archipelago of 115 islands that won’t fail to seduce people who come to see Seychelles for the first time. Populated by nearly 100,000 inhabitants (2018), the islands are geologically granitic and coral. Rarely, 98 percent of Seychellois are descendants of African, European, Chinese, and Indian immigrants, as the archipelago had no native population before European colonization.

Really, each island has unique websites and actions not to be missed. In this list, we’ve assembled 12 of Seychelles’ important and many popular attractions that will help you plan your journey. To discover more about beaches, natural websites, and trips, read below!

1- Victoria

Located north of Mahé, only minutes from the northeast shore of Beau Vallon, Victoria is a special spot to discover the very relaxed Seychellois lifestyle. The Sir Selwyn Clarke marketplace is the nation’s meeting point. The covered market welcomes each morning farmers, fishermen, and residents from all of the islands. It’s also where you’ll find tour operators, the interface, and government institutions. At nighttime, Victoria becomes quieter, but there are a couple of restaurants, two casinos, a movie theater, a mini-supermarket, and a nightclub.

2 – Praslin Island

It’s the second biggest island of the archipelago, and it comprises a must-see: Praslin National Park, together with the Valley of May, covered with dense tropical forest, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a huge array of special palm trees, like the coconut palm, also called coconut buttock because of its surprising form. On the shore side, do not miss Lazio Cove and Millers Point, Côte d’Or shore, and Kerlan Cove: postcard landscapes without electronic retouching!

3- Anse Source d’Argent (The Digue)

Among the most famous attractions in Seychelles is located on La Digue: the dream beach of Anse Source d’Argent. With its striking granite rocks and shallow, clear waters, it’s regarded as one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world! In Anse Source d’Argent, you can relax on the sand, swim, and snorkel in the turquoise blue water or enjoy the exceptional panorama for a photoshoot! The water is very shallow, this beach is excellent for children and all those who just need to cool off in crystal clear water. Right next door, you’ll see a restaurant and two bars offering fresh fruit smoothies! To achieve Anse Source d’Argent, you will first have to cross L’Union Estate Park (fee required). It’s advisable that you create the trip by bicycle!

4- Silhouette Island

Silhouette is a perfect illustration of what an island seemed like a couple of hundred years back. The island is home to dense rainforest and it is said that the island has been used as a refuge for pirates who came to bury their treasures.

As you’ll have understood, there’s absolutely not any urbanization on the island besides a pier. There are not even any roads, you will have to walk to get around. If the island isn’t very developed, it is the perfect vacation spot for people who wish to isolate themselves from the world for a minute.

5- Curieuse Island

Credit: Curieuse Island
A tiny uninhabited islet north of Praslin, Curieuse Island is a protected national park, a refuge for giant turtles who come to lay their eggs on the beaches, and is also home to mangroves, coco de mer and a number of other plant and animal species. There are no hotels to stay in, but a day trip permits you to combine beautiful walks in the rainforest, monitoring of marine creatures, and gorgeous views.

6- National Park of Sainte-Anne

saint anne
Credit: Sainte-Anne
What to do in Seychelles? Located on a small island off the coast of Victoria, check out this national park, that’s the oldest marine reserve in Seychelles. The police have a mission to safeguard the biodiversity on Sainte-Anne, using the island subject to a fee. However, it’s worthwhile, it is a true natural aquarium with amazing wildlife and reef. A must where you can snorkel when you come to see Seychelles.

7- Bird Island

bird island
Credit: Bird Island
A bird sanctuary, the island has always been like this. The Seychelles Bird Island is located about 100 km northwest of Mahé and is among the last bird sanctuaries in the world. The island is a private book but may nevertheless be seen and lived in. The coral island provides a lodge nestled in the heart of coconut palms while respecting the island’s ecosystem.

Each year, over two million sea transports come to nest on this island. Besides being an ideal destination for birdwatchers, it’s also a paradise for sailors since you can observe beautiful kinds of tropical fish beneath its waters. This island also has beautiful beaches that invite you to unwind for family holidays as well as for couples.

8- North

Credit: North Island
Located 5.8 kilometers from Silhouette Island and northwest of Mahé, North Island has four beaches (East Beach, Grande Anse, Honeymoon Cove, and Diver’s Beach. It was among the first Seychelles islands to be seen and is now among the most touristy. With good reason: it’s among the most gorgeous islands to see when you come to go to Seychelles!

9- Beau Vallon

beau vallon
Beau Vallon is one of the most popular beaches in Seychelles and possibly the most famous and lively in Mahé, the main island of this archipelago. It’s a beautiful elongated beach, surrounded by tropical vegetation that obviously creates many shady spots. Beau Vallon has fine white sand. Its waters are best for swimming and bathing; it’s also possible to practice a broad assortment of water sports. In certain areas, the beach has a promenade where you’ll see souvenir and snack stands. The area around the bay of Beau Vallon includes a high number of hotels, restaurants, and pubs. These attributes make the beach popular with tourists and locals alike who come to relax or enjoy the gorgeous sunset. Each Wednesday evening, the beach hosts a market with music, souvenir stalls, and Creole specialties.

10- Grand Anse, Petite Anse et Anse Cocos

la digue
Grande Anse, Petite Anse, and Anse Cocos are three splendid beaches around the island of La Digue, situated next to each other and joined by a small forest road. They’re 3 big wild creeks surrounded by dense vegetation and striking rock formations; their waters are characterized by intense blue and powerful waves. During your stay on the island, don’t miss to see these superb bays. You’ll be enchanted with their unspoiled and wild atmosphere. Because of the strong currents, it’s not advisable to swim on these shores, with the exception of Anse Cocos that has natural and manicured pools! To reach the shores, you need to have a scenic bicycle route in the hinterland of La Digue; however, the paths between the bays can only be covered on foot (and with good shoes).

11- Alphonse

A paradise for sailors and divers appears to be the best term to describe the island of Alphonse, located several hundred kilometers north of Madagascar. The southern Alphonse islands are famous for the sea which surrounds them, extremely fishy waters that will delight lovers of diving, snorkeling, and of course fly fishing.

12- Aldabra Atoll

Credit: Aldabra Atoll
Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this website isn’t to be overlooked by nature-lovers. A visit to Aldabra Atoll is well worth it, here is why: the trip is rather expensive as the site is located 1100 km from Mahé and you’ll require a special request to go to this exceptional book in the world, but it’s well worth the detour.

With its 4 virgin islands, the atoll of Aldabra is among the greatest in the world. The atoll also has among the largest coral reefs around the world. The island is inhabited only by animal species. You will find the famous Aldabra turtles, many birds, and a flourishing marine ecosystem.

Where to Remain in Seychelles?

Most lodging is on the islands of Mahé and Praslin, largely along the shore. Beware, staying at Seychelles requires a particular budget, as in case you select the beach of Grande Anse or Anse Possessions for instance. However, you can also opt to sleep at Bel Ombre and Beau Vallon (Mahé), or at Reunion Island (on La Digue) that provides lodging at slightly lower prices.