The 10 Smallest States in the World

1. Vatican - 0.44 km²


When we think of a state, we consider it as something extremely large, a political entity that exercises power over a vast territory geographically divided into regions, provinces, and municipalities. But, in reality, not all states are really as big as they think they are. In fact, there are micronations so small that they are almost like neighborhoods compared to large cities like London or New York.

Does this sound interesting?

Then, let’s look at the 10 smallest states in the world!

State Extension Population
Malta 316 km² 446,547 inhabitants
Maldives 300 km² 393,500 inhabitants
Saint Kitts and Nevis 261 km² 54,961 inhabitants
Marshall Islands 181.42 km² 68,000 inhabitants
Liechtenstein 160 km² 37,132 inhabitants
San Marino 61 km² 29,000 inhabitants
Tuvalu 26 km² 12,000 inhabitants
Nauru 21 km² 13,000 inhabitants
Monaco 2 km² 32,000 inhabitants
Vatican 0.44 km² 836 inhabitants

10. Malta – 316 km²

10. Malta - 316 km²

Capital: Valletta
Population  446,547

Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean, a well-known tourist destination appreciated for its incredible beaches. The Republic of Malta consists of 3 major islands: Malta, Comino, and Gozo, plus other smaller islets. With just under 450,000 inhabitants, Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

9. Maldives – 300 km²

9. Maldives - 300 km²

Capital: Malé
Population: 393,500

Higher in the ranking, we find another island state: the Maldives. This archipelago is a popular tourist destination in the Indian Ocean. It has only recently become an independent country, having been colonized by Europeans for several centuries.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis – 261 km²

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis - 261 km²
Credit: Nesnad

Capital: Basseterre
Population: 54,961

These 2 islands are among the most beautiful in the Caribbean and constitute one of the most important states among those bathed by the Caribbean Sea.

7. Marshall Islands – 181.42 km²

7. Marshall Islands - 181.42 km²

Capital: Majuro
Population: 68,000

The Marshall Islands are a presidential republic, which was politically administered by the United States of America until a few years ago. The tiny state was created in 1986 and is made up of two archipelagos: Ratak and Ralik.

6. Liechtenstein – 160 km²


Capital: Vaduz
Population: 37,132

This small state is surrounded by the Alps and is located between Switzerland and Austria. Most of the population there speaks German (official language) and Italian. Liechtenstein is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of GDP per capita, with a very low unemployment rate.

5. San Marino – 61 km²

5. San Marino - 61 km²
Credit: Max_Ryazanov

Capital: San Marino
Population: 29,000

In the top 5, we find the Republic of San Marino. In this small country, the crisis is much less perceived than in Italy. It is the third smallest country in the old continent and, just like Liechtenstein, it has excellent percentages in terms of GDP and unemployment.

4. Tuvalu – 26 km²

4. Tuvalu - 26 km²
Credit: mrlins

Capital: Funafuti
Population: 12,000

Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, Tuvalu is located in the Pacific Ocean, west of Australia. The country belonged to the British territory but gained independence in 1978. Tuvalu is a difficult place to reach, which is why it is not a popular tourist destination.

3. Nauru – 21 km²

3. Nauru - 21 km²

Capital: none
Population: 13,000

Nauru holds two records: the smallest island state in the world and the only state without an official capital. Moreover, It’s a state with a very high percentage of obese inhabitants among the population.

2. Monaco – 2 km²

2. Monaco - 2 km²

Capital: Monaco
Population: 32,000

Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is home to a large number of millionaires and billionaires among its inhabitants. It has been known for its luxury and casinos as well as the Monte Carlo circuit. The population density rate is among the highest in Europe.

1. Vatican – 0.44 km²

1. Vatican - 0.44 km²

Capital: Vatican City
Population: 836 people

The smallest state in the world is the Vatican, which is also known as the Holy See. This state is located in the heart of Rome and is the center of the Catholic Church. The central point of the micronation coincides with St. Peter’s Square, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, home to the most important church in the world: St. Peter’s Basilica.

Its income comes partially from voluntary contributions made by over 1 billion members of the Catholic Church and partially from the sale of stamps, souvenirs, and entrance tickets to Vatican museums.