The 10 Most Visited Countries in the World



Have you ever wondered which are the most visited countries in the world? Or maybe, which are the most chosen ones by tourists today? And, then, why are some countries more frequented by travelers than others with the same attractions and interesting locations?

All these questions sound interesting and, in order not to waste your time, we’ll answer them all at once in this article. Here, you will find the 10 most visited countries in the world and why they are top destinations.

NOTE: The ranking is based on the latest 2018 statistical report provided by the World Tour Organization (UNTWO) and, as such, it may be subject to changes. That’s why we invite you to let us know if any corrections should be made via the comments.

Country No. of international arrivals Difference 2019
France 86.9 million
Spain 81.8 million +1
USA 76.9 million -1
China 60.7 million
Italy 58.3 million
Mexico 39.3 million +2
UK 37.7 million -1
Turkey 37.6 million +2
Germany 37.5 million -2
Thailand 35.4 million -1

10. Thailand


Number of tourists: 35.4 million tourists a year
Peak period: winter (November to February)
Most visited destinations: Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui

A beloved destination that developed in terms of tourism during the 20th century. Its beautiful temples, magnificent beaches, and ancient culture will give you unforgettable moments. Word of many travelers!

9. Germany


Number of tourists: 37.5 million tourists a year
Peak period: spring-summer (May-September)
Most visited destinations: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main

The most populated state in Europe offers its tourists centuries of history, prestigious religious architecture, culture, new trends, art, sport, nature, and tasty food. Germany is loved by tourists of different age groups because of the vastness of its offers.

8. Turkey


Number of tourists: 37.6 million tourists a year
Peak period: spring and autumn
Most visited destinations: Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara

The most beautiful Istanbul, Cappadocia, and ancient Tory attract millions of tourists in this country. But, that’s not all as Turkey offers a lot of culture and really interesting locations. On the other hand, if almost 40 million tourists a year choose to visit it, there must be a reason.

7. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Number of tourists: 37.7 million tourists a year
Peak period: summer
Most visited destinations: London, Dublin, Edinburg

The United Kingdom is a timeless evergreen: always and not just its capital! English culture impregnates many things even outside the realm of its majesty and is rich in so many peculiarities as to be unique and absolutely recognizable. And, let’s not forget that this country is thriving with enchanting landscapes and beautiful cities. It’s also a country forging fashions that then rage everywhere. The country is suitable for fashion victims, ladies who like to drink tea in the garden, students looking to improve their English, businessmen, and nature lovers. In short: it’s the perfect country for any type of tourist!

6. Mexico


Number of tourists: 39.3 million tourists a year
Peak period: winter and spring (October – May)
Most visited destinations: Mexico City, Cancun, Acapulco

Its vast culture, which includes pre-Columbian and modern history, gives this country a very special charm, enriched by the splendid beaches and tourist resorts. A country loved by different types of tourists: from those searching for cultural destinations to the nightlife lovers to “visitors-lizards” who want nothing more than to get “cooked” on the sun in a postcard setting.

5. Italy


Number of visitors: 58.3 million tourists a year
Peak period: sping-summer
Most visited destinations: Rome, Milan, Venice

This wonderful country is visited by a truly huge number of tourists throughout the year. And, it’s no wonder when they have everything: sea, mountains, lake, countryside, traditions, culture, nature, art, and one of the best cuisines in the world!

People have a thousand and more reasons to go visit Italy. And, while, they can do a lot more to attract an even great number of tourists, the 5th position is excellent and deserved!

4. China


Number of visitors: 60.7 million tourists a year
Peak period: spring-autumn
Most visited destination: Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an’

Another Asian country in this ranking, China, with its millenary culture and industries, has entered the elite of the most visited countries in the world despite the crazy pollution rate. The most populated country on the planet is gradually turning into one of the most popular ones with tourists.

3. USA (United States)

USA (United States)

Number of tourists: 76.9 million tourists a year
Peak period: spring
Most visited destinations: New York, Washington, Las Vegas

There are many reasons to visit the United States: work, spectacular landscapes, breathtaking tours, beautiful nature, beautiful cities, deserts, gambling, unbridled fun, testing the waters to find the opportunity of a lifetime, art, events, fashion … and so on.

2. Spain


Number of tourists: 81.8 million tourists a year
Peak period: spring-summer
Most visited destinations: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville

Sun, sea, great weather, delicious food, culture, traditions, and art… all that packed in this “hermosa” (eng. beautiful) country. There’s no need to say why a gigantic mass of people decides to visit this country in southern Europe every year. Furthermore, on average, every tourist spends a vacation worth around €1,000 there, which implies considerable income for the government: not bad, right?

1. France


Number of tourists: 86.9 million tourists a year
Peak period: spring-summer
Most visited destinations: Paris, Marseille, Lourdes

In the first place, we find her majesty: France! 15 million tourists visit Paris in a year, the rest is distributed among food and wine tours, sea and beaches, and small villages in the splendid countryside. Nearly 10 million tourists come from the United States. But, how can we not appreciate a country so rich in charm, history, and culture? Vive la France!