Top Travel Insurance in Namibia

Is travel insurance in Namibia compulsory?

Before setting out on a trip to Namibia it is highly recommended that you take out travel insurance that covers theft, loss, and medical assistance.

When you are abroad it is essential, to fully enjoy your stay and to protect yourself in case of unforeseen events, setbacks and hassles.

However, as there is a wide choice of policies and insurance agencies, we want to try to give you some suggestions.

Is travel insurance in Namibia compulsory?

Is travel insurance in Namibia compulsory?

Why take out health insurance? There are risks and dangers though but there are two solutions. Let us enumerate them down below:

Top Multi-trip

It is the annual insurance that covers all trips that take place in 365 days and reimburses medical expenses, early return, baggage.

Premium Multi-trip

This also covers delayed departures and early returns. It is possible to choose between three policies:

  • Peace of mind travel: It is the basic policy that only insures medical expenses and early return.
  • Viaggio Top: This is the option that adds reimbursement for baggage compared to the previous one.
  • Travel Premium: It is the most comprehensive policy for travel up to 45 days which also includes travel cancellation.

Safe travels

This travel insurance belongs to the German Europäische Reiseversicherung AG and has an office in Milan. The payment of medical expenses is direct, the operations center operates 24 hours a day with assistance in Italian, and even in the event of a road accident, the insured person is covered, except for civil liability.

It offers different policies both abroad and for Italy to meet the needs of every type of traveler. Here are some of them:

  • Basic Policy: It is the essential option that covers only medical expenses, repatriation, and any civil liability towards third parties.
  • Silver Policy: This integrates the interruption of the stay, personal injuries, and baggage to the previous one. Silver is perfect for continuous travel for up to 30 days.
  • Gold Policy is the all-inclusive option with very high ceilings that covers any unforeseen health expenses, from luggage to cancellation. An annual policy is suitable for those who travel a lot during the year and do not want to enter into new contracts every time. This has a maximum span of 45 days of travel coverage.
  • Family policy: This covers the whole family during travel and from the second child onwards the premium is free.


It specializes exclusively in travel insurance and this makes it one of the best online policies for those traveling abroad. Its strengths are the very competitive price, the 24-hour assistance service, the reliable and good level coverage.

Depending on the type that is chosen, you are entitled to increasing insurance coverage and additional services.

All-Inclusive Coverage

It is the policy for those who want to be safe and insured for medical expenses, baggage, and cancellation.

Medical Coverage

It is the option to choose if you want to be calm only from a healthy point of view.

Medical and Baggage Coverage

This is the policy that covers medical expenses and reimbursement in the event of theft or damage to baggage.

Cancellation Coverage

It is the specific option for those who are afraid of not leaving and do not want to risk losing all their money.


This is a policy to be stipulated exclusively online that belongs to an Italian company that collaborates with two other leading companies: Insurance Travel and Ima Assistance.

They specialize exclusively in travel policies and all include travel assistance, coverage of medical expenses with different limits, direct payment for hospitalization, repatriation, and telephone assistance in Italian.

Among The Policies

  • Base: This is the option for those seeking only health and medical coverage
  • Smart: It is a policy for those who, in addition to wanting to protect themselves from medical risks, also want to insure their baggage
  • Top: This is the most complete option that provides insurance coverage for healthcare expenses, baggage, and cancellation
  • Study Trip and Cultural Exchange Insurance: It is suitable for all young people who have experiences in foreign countries such as Erasmus, Masters, and PhDs
  • Travel Insurance on the Road: This is suitable for all those who travel around the world and in addition to health costs, it insures the driver and any faults in car accidents.

Fit 2 Trip

This travel insurance, unlike many others, is aimed at any type of traveler regardless of pre-existing pathologies and medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Each customer is individually assessed to create tailor-made insurance.

In addition to the policies, it is possible to add coverage in case of sports accidents. Among the different policies proposed: Cancellation only is the policy for those who want to have financial protection in case of cancellation or trip interruption up to a value of € 10,000.

Only medical expenses are the policy that covers any medical expenses to be faced while traveling and is available for both single trips and multi-trips. Multi-risk is a complete option that includes medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, loss or theft of baggage, flight delay.

Pre-existing pathologies are the policy that people with heart, oncological, neurological diseases, and many others who want to travel in total safety and serenity from a health point of view can buy.

Annual coverage is ideal for those who make several trips in a year and want to be insured in the event of health care needs, baggage cancellation, or theft.

Is travel insurance in Namibia compulsory?

Is travel insurance in Namibia compulsory?

In Namibia insurance is not compulsory, however, it is very important to have one so that you can be treated in specialized clinics and possibly have the necessary assistance to return to your country of origin

Taking Health Insurance: Risks and Dangers

Taking Health Insurance: Risks and Dangers

Many people consider travel insurance an additional cost, optional and unnecessary, but it is often essential to have one when abroad, especially in Africa.

It is important to be able to afford a doctor and pharmaceutical assistance in case of illness, to return to Italy if the situation requires it, to be joined by a relative, or to be reimbursed in the event of travel cancellation and loss of baggage.

  • Here are some examples of risks and dangers that can be encountered before and during the trip: Poisoning and pathologies conveyed by food and water, especially where hygienic and sanitary conditions are rather insufficient.
  • Diseases carried by insects such as cases of malaria, dengue, etc.
  • Risks of encountering animal attacks.
  • Sudden sickness while traveling.
  • The danger of theft and pickpocketing from the suitcase to the backpack with credit cards and cash. Need to stay on-site for health reasons, natural disasters, or loss of documents.
  • Disability due to an accident.
  • Inability to leave for medical reasons or a family problem.
  • Your baggage has been lost and you need to buy everything you need for the duration of the trip.

How to choose insurance?

How to choose insurance?

The choice of travel insurance is not easy because, in addition to the price, many variables and above all what and how much it covers in case of need must be taken into consideration.

You will find numerous proposals but before taking out a policy it is essential to carefully evaluate the product and compare between the different offers

We always suggest you check the following items:

  • Maximum millionaires and deductible for medical expenses and possible repatriation
  • Sub-ceilings and limitations in coverage for assistance and medical expenses
  • Possibility of extending coverage directly from abroad
  • Possibility of eliminating the deductible
  • Insurance coverage for terrorism
  • Operations center and claims management

Travel insurance: Our Advice

We always rely on efficient insurance companies that provide comprehensive coverage at absolutely competitive prices. They must provide customer assistance, always active call center, and 24-hour medical insurance with unlimited telephone medical advice.