Top 15 best sports activities to do in Costa Rica

Are you tired? Do you require a rest? If so, then there is no greater Place than the awesome waters of Costa Rica with its breathtaking lakes and beaches. If you truly want to experience the best escape you can imagine, have a dive and explore the wonders of Costa Rica.

With 46768 Unique species of animals, insects, and plants (orchids, Butterflies, freshwater fish, etc.. ) Costa Rica is a place where nature is abundant on its 51,100 km2 of surface area.

So as to allow you to find this extraordinary place, as near As possible to the areas you will find, we offer you 15 finest sports and adventure activities. We think that this is the best way to have memorable memories, at the heart of the immense playground that’s Costa Rica.

1- Rafting
File:Rafting Sarapiqui river. Costa Rica.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Costa Rica offers some of the best rafting rivers in the world. These Remarkable waters will let you dive into the unknown tropical areas of Costa Rica.

So if you are a novice, experienced rafting enthusiast, Adventurer or nature enthusiast, it’s very important to experience rafting in Costa Rica. You won’t ever know what sort of experience you’ll have if you do not try it.

2- The aerial tramway
File:Stream, above from aerial tram (2532198671).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

With its abundant rainforests, Costa Rica can give you one of those Finest natural parks in the world. Additionally, the best way to enjoy these extraordinary features would be to try out the aerial tramway. This refers to a trip in a sort of chairlift that’s been optimally built for bird and wildlife watching.

The aerial tram is the ultimate alternative to experiences in the Trees, especially if you’re one of those rare men and women who gets scared on wires mounted over the hanging trees.

3- Windsurfing

Windsurfing will be a game that will be practiced as much on the Beaches as it’ll be on the shores, along with the adepts of other water sports, but sailing fans will be well advised to do it on the ARENAL lake that has been placed among the 5 finest places in the world to windsurf. This is simply because of the perfect end, its strength, power, and frequency, allowing the practice of game for beginners and experienced sailors alike.

4- The Cahuita national park
File:Cahuita.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This park is really beautiful and reflects perfectly the picture that Everybody has of the Caribbean: white sandy beaches, coconut palms, and tropical woods. A real postcard!

The fauna is obviously quite rich and easy to see, as from the Manuel Antonio Park. Take the opportunity to watch howler monkeys, sloths, raccoons, ibis, herons, and other snakes…

When You enter the park, the first beach you find is the Playa Blanca. U-shaped beach with white sand, coconut trees leaning towards the sea, and turquoise waters, it’s fantastic for a break or a picnic in the shade of these trees.

The trail then takes you to one of the most important sites in the Park: the coral reef surrounding Punta Cahuita. It’s possible to dive or snorkel there, but only with a manual as the website is shielded and very sensitive.

5- Scuba diving
File:Diver deploying a DSMB at boiler of Cape Matapan.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Fishing and scuba diving will never be the same as everywhere in Costa Rica. With its famous Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, you can be sure of a remarkable stay close to the waters.

The Manuel Antonio Park is world-renowned. Blessed with many types of fish, anglers are certain to have a terrific time catching the best bluewater aquatic fish in the world. It is also possible to have a fine case of freshwater fish in Lake Arenal.

6- Beach getaways
File:ATV Tour Jaco Beach Costa Rica - Amazing views a Must Do tour.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

When you spend your holiday in Costa Rica, it’s vital to go to its beautiful beaches.

Costa Rica has a large assortment of hotels and first-class resorts. For Example, on the Caribbean coast you may visit Cahuita, a Creole village with a gorgeous national park. This place can offer you the best experience of diving, swimming and even surfing.

While on the Pacific coast, you can visit Playa Samara, one of Costa Rica’s beautiful white-sand beaches. It’s blessed with an exceptional barrier reef and situated in the calm shallow waters of Costa Rica.

7- Walking the streets of San José
File:Downtown of San Jose, Costa Rica.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Forget the rumors about insecurity and robberies, under its marginally Hectic element, the capital of Costa Rica has many charms and warrants a couple of days of attention.

Head north towards the historic Barrio Amón. Stroll among the Victorian mansions that remind one of this city’s colonial past, as most of them belonged to coffee drinkers. The National Theatre and the Museo del Jade, with the main group of jade on the Latin American continent, and the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, with its sparkling selection of pre-Columbian gold items.

8- Go to the foot of a volcano
File:Poas crater.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Learning the Arenal Volcano, still active and among Costa Rica’s dozen or so volcanoes, hasn’t erupted since 2010 should frighten you or excite you!

Just 7500 years old — less than most other volcanoes — it could be Dormant, but in this splendid landscape of over 12 hectares, it’s a lovely hiking destination.

9- Take a boat trip on the canals of Tortuguero
File:Tortuguero boat trip.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

If You Want to sail on calm waters and take your time to respect the See and listen to the sounds of the rainforest, you will adore the Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean shore.

Accessible only by boat or plane, this secure reserve is home to 11 unique habitats, such as marshes, beaches, lagoons, and rainforest. Have a boat and allow a guide to assist you to observe the wildlife unless you would rather explore the website by yourself in a kayak.

10- Go camping in Corcovado

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In the heart of the gold rush during the 20th century, the Osa Peninsula is today among the most peaceful places in Costa Rica. With 13 distinct ecosystems and the Corcovado National Park, the largest park in the nation that occupies more than a third of the Peninsula, Osa is a real natural paradise.

Camp at the park and watch the Llorona waterfall pouring its waters Onto the shore, or move tapir hunting near Lake Corcovado. Do not forget to go horseback riding on the Park’s trails.

11- Climb Mount Chirripo to see that the two oceans

Mount Chirripo is the highest peak in Costa Rica at 3820 meters. At Sunrise when you arrive at the summit you’ll have the ability to see the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

At the top, It’s the consecration: you will discover a spectacular Perspective of a landscape of rocks and glacial lakes. It’s more interesting to get there before sunrise so you can admire the sunrise from above the clouds. On a clear day, you can see both the Caribbean coast and the Pacific shore. The ascent of Mount Chirripo is a really gorgeous adventure it would be a shame to miss.

12- Fortuna
File:Costa rica arenal fortuna 2001 12.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

La Fortuna is a small city in the northwest, situated near the Arenal volcano where you can:

Attend the ascent of Mount Cerro Chato: this is a very physical and Quite tough expedition, booked for sportsmen. It’s even among the hardest in Costa Rica. At the end of the course, a swim at the crater lagoon rewards the efforts.

Swimming in the hot springs near the volcano. Most of them are Tourist sites, which might appear superficial to some, but the springs are really natural.

13- Marino Ballena national park
File:Costa Rica Nationalpark Marino Ballena.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

It’s said to be among the few areas where whales mate. Two types Of whales meet in the park’s waters, in the autumn, those coming from California waters, and in the spring, those coming from Antarctica. Another important point, you’ll see there, a 13 km long beach, extremely tranquil, mixing golden sands and polished stone. Really, the park is seldom visited by tourists.

14- Monteverdre Cloud Forest
File:Monteverde bosque.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

At the center of the country, the Monteverde Biological Reserve is Among the most visited websites in the nation. This virgin forest extends over more than 105 km² and has the particularity of being a high elevation forest. This kind of forest is known as a”cloud forest” since it’s continually bathed in a somewhat thick mist which stays on the ground. It’s fairly amazing and the mist provides a very mystical atmosphere to such places.

Once inside the book, you can wander through the heart of a virgin Forest on the paths. In many areas, we cross suspension bridges across the emptiness, for an Indiana Jones-style atmosphere. For thrill-seekers, the Monteverde reserve is also the perfect place to zip-line throughout the canopy.

15- Kayaking in the Dulce Gulf

Located in the south of Costa Rica, the Golfo Dulce area in the Osa Peninsula is well worth a day or 2. It can be achieved by commercial plane from the airports of Palmar, Golfito or Puerto Jimenez, or by car (but in this case it’s much better to rent a 4×4 because the streets are quite”wild”).

You’ll find lots of kayak clubs involving Palmar and Puerto Jimenez. As The region is quite rich in biodiversity, it’s common to come across Dolphins, whales and tropical fish whilst paddling. It’s also possible To break free from the sea to go sailing in the mangrove canals, this time among herons, snakes, sloths and other caracaras.