Top 10 Most Futuristic Cities in the World

The scientific progress seems to have reached milestones that were unimaginable until recently. Today, the whole world has changed: we watch TV on ultra-HD screens, use solar-powered cars, and any information about our lives is stored in huge databases available online with a few clicks. Everything is within everyone’s reach and the more time passes the more difficult it becomes to imagine what the next technological step will be.

In addition, there are contemporary realities that seem to come from the future: restaurants where you can order dinner by talking to a robot, even entire metropolises where every citizen is part of an information-sharing network. In this post, we show you such incredible realities by ranking the top 10 most futuristic cities in the world.

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is one of the most advanced and industrialized cities in the Middle East. It’s an important scientific and economic point of reference.

  • It boasts over 700 development and research centers;
  • It has the highest concentration of young start-ups operating in the information technology sector;
  • It’s considered the first great ecological metropolis in history: a large part of the city’s energy needs are met through the use of energy obtained from the sun’s rays.

9. Munich, Germany

Munich represents European technological excellence. It’s also extremely efficient and organized at the political level.

It’s the city with the largest number of inhabitants who have an ADSL connection throughout the continent, with a percentage that exceeds 65%.

8. Bangalore, India

Bangalore is one of the most interesting economic and scientific realities born in recent years. The Indian elite of the multimedia communication and information technology sector works in this city.

The Bagmane Tech Park is a futuristic and high-tech park for the research and development of software; about 35% of Indian IT professionals are employed here.

7. Helsinki, Finland

In the 7th position, we find Helsinky, the capital of Finland. It has always been one of the most fruitful economic centers of the old continent and the city which gave birth to leading companies in the field of technology and telecommunications. Just like most of the northern European capitals, it offers high-quality services to citizens.

  • It has a free Wi-Fi connection in every corner of the city;
  • Major companies such as Nokia are headquartered here;
  • It’s home to the prestigious Helsinki University of Technology;
  • It’s considered the second urban area in Europe in terms of technological growth.

6. Seattle, Washington (USA)

The United States is one of the nations that has allowed the emergence of new business models. Seattle, the capital of the State of Washington, is one of the most influential cities in the process of economic growth.

  • It’s home to multinational companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks, which have managed to overturn the world market in their specific field through their intuitions;
  • In the 1990s, over 50,000 people moved here to work at internet-related companies;
  • Omnipresent wireless, you can be connected 24/7 anywhere.

5. San Francisco, California (USA)

In the 5th place, we find San Francisco, the citizens of which travel on buses equipped with interactive touch screens and free wi-fi. Here, also, Silicon Valley is located. It’s a metropolitan complex located in the southern part of the Bay Area where the headquarters of almost all the largest IT companies of the last 20 years is located.

  • It’s the headquarters of the largest IT companies of the last 20 years such as Apple, Facebook, and Google inc;
  • It’s the reference point for entrepreneurs under 30 from all over the world;
  • It’s home to the Stanford University Research Park;
  • There are buses with interactive touch screens and free wi-fi onboard.

4. Hong Kong, China

In the 4th position, we find Hong Kong. Here, progress seems to have reached truly incredible levels. It’s enough to say that some restaurants in the city now collect orders with the help of special robots. What can we say… it’s a great way to optimize time and resources. Naturally, citizens are guaranteed a regular wi-fi service with free access.

  • The Cyberport, a modern high-tech conference and entertainment center, was inaugurated;
  • In some restaurants, robots take the orders;
  • It offers an internet connection of one gigabit per second.

3. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

On the third step of the podium is the city/state of Singapore. Here, too, a wireless internet network is guaranteed to all citizens. Singapore has made a significant economic leap forward, catching up with other Asian giants such as Hong Kong.

  • Here, Block 71 is located. It’s a collection center for ideas and projects carried out by over a hundred young startups for a total investment of 1 billion dollars;
  • Wireless is available everywhere.

2. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the world capital of online gaming, a social and technological phenomenon to which even some specific university courses have been addressed. The citizens here have a wireless network even on trains and underground stations. It also seems that the Korean government is carrying out a project called Seoul Smart Cities, which would like to transform the city into a constantly connected intelligent metropolis where all citizens can share knowledge and information in real-time. This ambitious project would be the end result of a massive process of technological and literacy distribution of mobile devices to citizens.

  • It’s the world capital of online gaming;
  • There are universities for developing console games;
  • It’s home to major companies such as Samsung and LG Electronics;
  • There are also wireless networks in trains and subways;
  • The Seoul Smart Cities project will make the metropolis connected 24 hours a day;
  • Mobile devices are distributed to citizens for technological literacy.

1. Tokyo, Japan

The most technological city in the world is Tokyo. Japan is the leading economic power and its capital holds particular merit for pioneering discoveries in engineering, information technology, and electronics.

  • In the city, the so-called “Electric Town”, a district dedicated to high tech, has been created; there, it’s possible to buy state-of-the-art devices;
  • The Maraika is a museum dedicated to emerging innovations, the mascot of which  is Asimo, the most complex humanoid robot ever made to date;
  • The toilets are electronic.