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The Most Populous States in the USA



The USA is one of the most populated countries in the world, with over 300 million inhabitants. There are numerous ethnic groups living in this country, which welcomes thousands of migrants from all over the globe every year. But which are the most populous areas of this great land?

Let’s find out the most populous states in the USA!

State Population Population density
Puerto Rico 3,337,177 inhabitants 412 inhabitants per sq. km
Connecticut 3,588,184 inhabitants 739 inhabitants per sq. km
Oklahoma 3,930,864 inhabitants 20.7 inhabitants per sq. km
Oregon 4,142,776 inhabitants 15.02 inhabitants per sq. km
Kentucky 4,454,189 inhabitants 41.46 inhabitants per sq. km
Louisiana 4,684,333 inhabitants 34.17 inhabitants per sq. km
Alabama 4,874,747 inhabitants 35.79 inhabitants per sq. km
South Carolina 5,024,369 inhabitants 55.77 inhabitants per sq. km
Minnesota 5,576,606 inhabitants 23.55 inhabitants per sq. km
Colorado 5,607,154 inhabitants 16.84 inhabitants per sq. km
Wisconsin 5,795,483 inhabitants 33.94 inhabitants per sq. km
Maryland 6,052,177 inhabitants 183.13 inhabitants per sq. km
Missouri 6,113,532 inhabitants 33.15 inhabitants per sq. km
Indiana 6,666,818 inhabitants 68.74 inhabitants per sq. km
Tennessee 6,715,984 inhabitants 59.95 inhabitants per sq. km
Massachusetts 6,859,819 inhabitants 239.54 inhabitants per sq. km
Arizona 7,016,270 inhabitants 22.8 inhabitants per sq. km
Washington 7,405,743 inhabitants 38.21 inhabitants per sq. km
Virginia 8,470,020 inhabitants 75.1 inhabitants per sq. km
New Jersey 9,005,644 inhabitants 388.88 inhabitants per sq. km
Michigan 9,962,311 inhabitants 39.56 inhabitants per sq. km
North Carolina 10,273,419 inhabitants 68.41 inhabitants per sq. km
Georgia 10,429,379 inhabitants 66 inhabitants per sq. km
Ohio 11,658,609 inhabitants 99.87 inhabitants per sq. km
Illinois 12,802,023 inhabitants 85.87 inhabitants per sq. km
Pennsylvania 12,805,537 inhabitants 107 inhabitants per sq. km
New York 19,849,399 inhabitants 139.83 inhabitants per sq. km
Florida 20,984,400 inhabitants 116.81 inhabitants per sq. km
Texas 28,304,596 inhabitants 39.78 inhabitants per sq. km
California 39,536,653 inhabitants 89.73 inhabitants per sq. km

5. Pennsylvania


“Artificial” borders, 67 counties, hills, and rolling plains to “soften” the mountainous contours of the Appalachian mountains. Pennsylvania is one of the US states that boasts the presence of the most evocative flora. It’s also one of the most favorite destinations for European citizens for migration in search of fortune.

Capital: Harrisburg
Population: 12,805,537 inhabitants (49,528 inhabitants of which in the capital)
Surface: 119,283 sq. km
Population density: 107 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 0.79%

4. New York

New York

Not to be confused with the city of the same name, New York State is the 27th largest in the USA. The vast surface borders two of the great lakes (Erie and Ontario) and the Canadian borders. The state is the beating heart of the economy, mostly due to the legendary Wall Street, of the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange.

Capital: Albany
Population: 19,849,399 inhabitants (100,104 inhabitants of which in the capital)
Surface: 141,205 sq. km
Population density: 139.83 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 2.4%

3. Florida


The bronze medal goes to the state that is home to dream cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and the capital Tallahassee. Florida is one of the chosen locations for vacations, dream honeymoons, and even to radically change one’s life.

Capital: Tallahassee
Population: 20,984,400 inhabitants (181,376 inhabitants of which in the capital)
Surface: 170,304 sq. km
Population density: 116.81 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 7.82%

2. Texas


Texas is known as the Lone Star State, with a variety of natural landscapes that makes it the perfect location for legendary films and a perfect postcard glimpse for friends and family to capture. Its history is linked to Spain (Texas initially became its colony) and Mexico, to which it was annexed for some time.

Capital: Austin
Population: 28,304,596 inhabitants (790,390 inhabitants of which in the capital)
Surface: 696.241 sq. km
Population density: 39.78 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 12.7%

1. California


With nearly 40 million inhabitants, California is the most populous US nation in the USA. The area is bathed by the legendary waters of the Pacific and is known for its metropolitan areas targeted by dreamy tourists, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Capital: Sacramento
Population: 39,536,653 inhabitants (446,488 inhabitants of which in the capital)
Surface: 423.970 sq. km
Population density: 89.73 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 6.1%