The 30 Most Populated Countries in Europe

United Kingdom


The Old Continent, with its culture, art, and many facets boasts a high population with some countries among the top 30 of the most populated countries in the world.

But, which European countries have the most inhabitants?

Here’s a list of the 30 most populated countries in Europe!

State Name Population Population density
Albania 2,986,952 97 inhabitants per sq. km
Croatia 4,284,889 75.4 inhabitants per sq. km
Moldova 4,324,000 108 inhabitants per sq. km
Bosnia and Herzegovina 4,590,000 76 inhabitants per sq. km
Ireland 4,622,917 65.3 inhabitants per sq. km
Norway 5,009,150 13,35 inhabitants per sq. km
Finland 5,244,000 18 inhabitants per sq. km
Slovakia 5,455,000 112 inhabitants per sq. km
Denmark 5,484,000 136,36 inhabitants per sq. km
Bulgaria 7,148,785 63 inhabitants per sq. km
Serbia 7,344,847 98 inhabitants per sq. km
Switzerland 7,581,000 198 inhabitants per sq. km
Austria 8,205,000 104 inhabitants per sq. km
Belarus 9,685,000 46 inhabitants per sq. km
Sweden 9,828,655 23.1 inhabitants per sq. km
Hungary 9,982,000 107 inhabitants per sq. km
Belgium 10,403,000 351 inhabitants per sq. km
Czech Republic 10,476,000 129 inhabitants per sq. km
Portugal 10,676,000 113,50 inhabitants per sq. km
Greece 11,000,000 81,67 inhabitants per sq. km
Holland 16,645,000 415 inhabitants per sq. km
Romania 21,959,278 84.4 inhabitants per sq. km
Poland 38,500,000 123 inhabitants per sq. km
Ukraine 45.415.596 72,34 inhabitants per sq. km
Spain 46.505.963 92 inhabitants per sq. km
Italy 60,340,328 200,76 inhabitants per sq. km
United Kingdom 62,348,447 266.35 inhabitants per sq. km
France 64,768,389 99 inhabitants per sq. km
Germany 81,802,257 228 inhabitants per sq. km
Russia 140,702,000 8,56 inhabitants per sq. km

5. Italy


The last of the top five most populated European states is Italy. A country loved by tourists who come to admire the beauties scattered throughout it, from Messina to Bressanone.

Fun fact: Italy occupies the same position in terms of population density, behind the Netherlands, Belgium, England, and Germany.

Capital: Rome
Population: 60,340,328 inhabitants (of which 2,872,800 inhabitants in the capital)
Surface: 301.340 sq. Km
Population density: 200.76 inhabitants per sq. Km
Population growth rate: -0.15%

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Although no longer part of the European Union, the vast area of ​​the United Kingdom, which includes the northern area of ​​Ireland, has been the “promised land” of young people, from all over Europe, looking for work for some time. That’s why it’s one of the most populated countries on the European territory. However, it takes the 3rd place in terms of population density with 266.35 inhabitants per sq. km, which is more than Pakistan (261.04) and much more than China (143.7). Plus, it has a positive growth rate.

Capital: London
Population: 62,348,447 inhabitants (8,787,892 of which in the capital)
Surface: 242.521 sq. km
Population density: 266.35 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 0.765%

3. France


The bronze medal goes to France, a state that stands out in the world for being the Mecca of fashion, good food, and art. Although pretty much populated, the population seems to be well-distributed based on the population density data with only 99 inhabitants per sq. km. This suggests that there are still several regions and areas with widely tolerable urbanization.

Capital: Paris
Population: 64,768,389 inhabitants (of which 2,229,621 inhabitants in the capital)
Surface: 675.417 sq. km
Population density: 99 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: 0.47%

2. Germany


In the second place, we find Germany, the super power of the European Union, whose capital, Berlin, symbolizes the division and subsequent reunification of people. In terms of population density, it takes the 4th place, behind the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. However, the population growth rate is negative.

Capital: Berlin
Population: 81,802,257 inhabitants (3,531,201 of which in the capital)
Surface: 357,030 sq. km
Population density: 228 inhabitants per sq. km
Population growth rate: -0.18%

1. Russia


Russia, the fascinating land of the ancient tsars and one of the most decisive nations today from a political, commercial, and military point of view, is the most populated state in the whole of Europe, with over 100 million inhabitants. The vastness of its territory combined with the climate, which makes some areas extremely inhospitable, also make it one of the most sparsely populated states in the world in terms of population density, with less than 9 inhabitants per sq. km.

Capital: Moscow
Population: 140,702,000 inhabitants (12,380,664 of which in the capital)
Surface: 17.125.191 sq. km
Population density: 8.56 inhabitants per sq. Km
Population growth rate: -0.06%