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The 15 Hottest Cities in the World




Summer is the favorite season to many people with its warm and bright days, short dresses, ice cream, and, most of all, relaxing on the beach. But not everyone is able to appreciate the summer temperatures. There are many people who just can’t stand the heat and the burning hot sun and prefer the wintriness. They should definitely never go to the places we are about to describe in this post – the hottest inhabited places on the planet. So, here’s the list of the hottest cities in the world with the highest average temperature!

NOTE: Below you will find a list of cities by annual average temperature. The temperatures listed are averages of daily highs and lows. Hence, the actual daytime temperature is 2 °C to 10 °C higher than the temperatures listed here, depending on how big is the difference between daily highs and lows.

Città, Nazione Temperatura media annuale Mese più caldo
Bosaso, Somalia 30°C Agosto (36,1°C)
Djibouti City, Djibouti 29,9°C Luglio (36,4°C)
Khartoum, Sudan 29,9°C Maggio (34,5°C)
Abéché, Ciad 29,4°C Aprile (33,3°C)
Garissa, Kenia 29,3°C Marzo (31,4°C)
Lodwar, Kenia 29,3°C Marzo e Ottobre (31,1°C)
Niamey, Niger 29,0°C Maggio (34°C)
Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso 28,6°C Maggio (33,2°C)
N’Djamena, Ciad 28,5°C Aprile (33,8°C)
Port Sudan, Sudan 28,4°C Agosto (34,5°C)
Reggane, Algeria 28,3°C Luglio (39,8°C)
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 28,3°C Aprile (32,6°C)
Garoua, Camerun 28,3°C Aprile (33°C)
Mango, Togo 28,1°C Marzo (31,5°C)
Ségou, Mali 28°C Aprile e Maggio (33°C)