The 12 Best Destinations for Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2022

3. London, UK


Some people prefer to spend the holidays with the family and some love traditional card games with relatives and friends. Then, there are those who just can’t stand the New Year and those who wait for it the whole year, to leave the old year behind them and welcome the new one.

But where to go to celebrate the New Year? What are the most interesting traditions, the most memorable New Year’s Eve celebrations?

Let’s take a look at the 12 best destinations for celebrating New Year’s Eve 2022 in the world!

Destination Temperatures (min / max) Cost 5 days/4 nights (flight+hotel)
Bangkok, Thailand 22°/ 32° from €935 (7 nights)
Paris, France 4°/8° from €730
Rome, Italy 10°/19° from €361
Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2°/7° from €300
Madeira Islands, Portugal 7°/13° from €730
Madrid, Spain 4°/10° from €493
Berlin, Germany 0°/4° from €509
Edinburgh, Scotland 1°/7° from €590
Moscow, Russia -9°/-3° from €637
London, UK 5°/9° from €550
New York, United States 0°/7° from € 1,800.00 (7 nights)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 23°/29° from € 1,233.00 (7 nights)

12. Bangkok, Thailand

12. Bangkok, Thailand
Credit: Nik Cyclist from Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand, the New Year is celebrated in April, on the occasion of the Songkran Festival, the Water Festival, where people bathe each other as a sign of purification. However, there are also international celebrations as the capital, Bangkok, certainly doesn’t miss anything. In a true Times Square-style, a giant luminous ball about 15 meters high brings good wishes to the crowd at the stroke of midnight.

Over 500,000 people gather near Central World, the immense shopping center. There are various concerts and Thai shows that mark the approach to the fateful hour as well as lots to eat and drink.

Where to sleep: rooms starting from €59/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 7 nights/8 days – from €935 per person

11. Paris, France

11. Paris, France
Credit: Falcon® Photography from France

One of the most romantic New Year’s Eve parties in the world is the one held along the Champs Elisées. It starts at 9 pm with bottles of Champagne and a view of the Eiffel Tower all full of lights that can move even the hardest of heart.

But it doesn’t stop there! Sensational events and theatrical and musical performances are organized throughout the city. In short, Paris is definitely among the top destinations for New Year’s Eve.

For a super romantic formula, you can opt for a magical New Year’s Eve dinner cruise, sailing on the Seine, to admire the lights of the cities from a unique perspective. On the other hand, if you want to spice up the party, the best option is a show with dinner at the Moulin Rouge!

Where to sleep: rooms starting from €120/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights / 5 days – from €730 per person

10. Rome, Italy

10. Rome, Italy
Credit: Zabbo

Of course, the city Caput Mundi is one of the best cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve considering that it’s already one of the most impressive cities in the world. The New Year in Rome is celebrated as spectacularly as other celebrations.

The concerts have already been confirmed as fantastic ones, with popular musicians like Malika Ayane, Niccolò Fabi, Nina Zilli, Daniele Silvestri, J-Ax, and many others performing in the past years. The metro lines are open all night and there are lots of parties all over the city!

Where to sleep: rooms from €60/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €361 per person

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Considered by many as the capital of transgression, the home of Van Gogh, Amsterdam hosts one of the most unique and fun parties. The old and the new are celebrated on New Year’s Eve and, in Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square), the hub of nightlife, the largest LCD screen in Europe is the synthesis of the show that awaits you.

Dam Square is a very frequent nighttime and daytime meeting place, both, for locals and tourists. The square, on New Year’s Eve, is full of life due to the traditional free concert for the celebration of the end of the year.

If you’re looking for a romantic solution, you can go on a night cruise on the canals and enjoy it with a glass of champagne and lulled by the canals of the city.

If you’re not afraid of the cold and you want to experience a New Year differently, you can go on the beach of Scheveningen (1 hour from Amsterdam). Many Dutchmen gather there to celebrate the famous New Year’s Eve dive. Around the pier, the celebrations continue with songs, dances, and toasts.

Where to sleep: rooms from €103/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €300 per person

8. Madeira Islands, Portugal

10. Rome, Italy
Credit: Mark Woodbury

Does it sound strange to you that Madeira is among the world capitals such as Paris, Rome, and Bangkok? That’s because, on this Portuguese volcanic island, the company Pirotecnia Macedo holds the record for the largest fireworks display in the world, thus entering the Guinness Book of World Records. We can say that this year they will try to outdo themselves again! And, if you want to have a privileged and unique view, you can book a catamaran tour to admire the fireworks directly from the sea!

Where to sleep: rooms from €35/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €730 per person

7. Madrid, Spain

7. Madrid, Spain

Puerta del Sol square is the set of Madrid’s New Year with the traditional custom of “Las Uvas” (eng. The Grapes). According to this custom, everyone brings 12 grapes, one for each of the 12 months that have passed, to send them down at every stroke of the Royal Palace clock, Casa de Correos. All of this is followed by lots of music and dancing until the morning.

On the Madrid square, you can experience a truly alternative New Year’s Eve. The company that manages the cable car organizes the last ride of the year to allow visitors to admire the celebrations and fireworks in the city from a privileged point of view.

Where to sleep: rooms from €80/night
Flights + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €490 per person

6. Berlin, Germany

6. Berlin, Germany
Credit: Marcel Berkmann

The celebration of New Year’s Eve is one of the most anticipated events, both, by Germans and tourists. It’s an incredible show that takes place near the Brandenburg Gate with around 1 million people unleashed to the rhythm of music pumped by a truly creepy system. It’s a New Year’s Even punctuated by lasers, fireworks, and loud music that make it one of the coolest parties in the world.

The WeihnachtsZauber takes place in the atmospheric Gendarmenmarkt – a Christmas market that offers a more relaxed atmosphere. The end of the year celebration here costs €12 and you can find the best of local gastronomy as well as specialties from all over the world.

For a less chaotic celebration, which is also suitable for children, there is the New Year’s party at the Citadel of Spandau, where a wonderful medieval fortress is found.

Where to sleep: rooms from €85/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €509 per person

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

5. Edinburgh, Scotland
Credit: Robbie Shade

Scottish Hogmanay is considered by many to be the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world. It lasts 4 days and includes music, dancing, and fireworks. On December 30th, the Torchlight Procession takes place – an impressive torchlight procession along Princess Street accompanied by the music of the bands of pipers (bagpipers), which takes place in Calton Hill.

On New Year’s Day after, there are many rock concerts, before the traditional singing of “Auld Lang Syne”, the Candlelight Waltz, waiting for the stroke of midnight.

Where to sleep: rooms from €86/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €590 per person

4. Moscow, Russia

4. Moscow, Russia
Credit: Uroš

The marvelous Red Square in Moscow is one of the most exclusive locations in the world. The colorful domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral are brighter than ever when the fireworks mark the stroke of midnight, greeting the old year and opening the doors to the new one. And, while the cold is not a good ally, a lot of vodka it is!

If you want to try a truly exclusive and unforgettable experience, book a New Year’s Eve cruise with a show. You will sail on the Moskva River, taking part in an extraordinary show, and you will be able to admire the fireworks from a unique perspective!

And then, there is a detail we mustn’t forget – Moscow follows the Julian calendar, which means that the winter holidays are postponed. Namely, the Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, while the Orthodox New Year is celebrated on the night between January 13th and 14th. This means that by taking your vacation strategically, you’ll be able to celebrate the New Year twice!

Where to sleep: rooms from €80/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €637 per person

3. London, UK

3. London, UK

The banks of the Thames are brighter than ever and the Big Ben light show is one of the iconic New Year’s Eve images in the world. London welcomes tourists and participants with free public transport and spectacles to make you pale: not only concerts and fireworks but also flying hot air balloons and marching bands.

How to spend New Year’s in London? You are spoiled for choice, starting from a panoramic cruise on the Thames, to the Sensational Party with a light display on the skyscraper of the Shard, to an open-air disco in Trafalgar Square!

London is quite expensive, especially when it comes to staying overnight. That’s why it’s advisable to look for and choose accommodation away from the center that is near a metro station.

Where to sleep: rooms from €120/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 4 nights/5 days – from €550 per person

2. New York, USA

2. New York, USA
Credit: Replytojain

It’s no wonder to find New York in the second place on our list since it’s one of the largest and most beautiful metropolises in the world with incredible spectacles, lights, and celebrations. Times Square hosts over 1 million people for the occasion and the fireworks are among the most spectacular ones in the world.

The uniqueness of the party? You can write your resolutions and wishes for the new year on the event website and see them printed on the confetti that will explode from the giant ball at the stroke of midnight!

The party that takes place in Central Park is also very popular. There is a firework show that lasts about 15 minutes at midnight. This event is undoubtedly suitable for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere than that of Times Square.

Where to sleep: rooms from €150/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 7 nights/8 days – from €1,800 per person

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Is Copacabana beach enough for you? No? Well, then you can check out the other options. Namely, there are 11 barges with 1,200 fireworks each, 4 big screens, and 40 audio towers. They all start at 6 pm.

There is also a lot of tradition in Rio’s New Year. The inhabitants, the Cariocas, bring white gladioli and red roses in tribute to Lemanja, the goddess of the waters, and dress in white.

On the other hand, if you want to send out a “transgressive” signal and make it clear that you are looking for a night of passion, just wear a small red detail. So, are you ready to dress in red and white and leave for Rio?

Where to sleep: rooms from €30/night
Flight + hotel: return flight + 7 nights/8 days – from € 1,233 per person