The 10 Largest Ports in the World

Most Important Commercial Ports in the World


There are many commercial ports and tourist ports across the globe. Some of them are immense and others smaller. Many cities over the centuries have developed around the port, which is a fundamental element for trade and the growth of the city itself. In more recent times, tourism has developed to a great extent so that many pre-existing ports had to equip themselves to accommodate millions of passengers a year or meet the great demand. As a solution, ports have been created. And, here are the 10 largest ports in the world!

The 10 Largest and Most Important Commercial Ports in the World

Commercial Ports

The traffic in the commercial ports is evaluated with a parameter called TEU, acronym for ” Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit” – the equivalent unit to 20 feet, which is the standard measure of volume in the transport of containers according to ISO regulations and corresponds to approximately 40 total cubic meters. In fact, most containers have standard sizes, with lengths of 20 feet (1 TEU) and 40 feet (2 TEU). So which are the largest and most important commercial ports in the world?

Let’s find out!

NOTE: This list has been compiled based on the latest data published by the World Shipping Council, the world trade association that regulates international liner shipments.

  1. Port of Shanghai, China: 42.01 million TAU
  2. Port of Singapore: 36.60 million TAU
  3. Port of Shenzhen, China: 27.74 million TAU
  4. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, China: TAU 26.35 million
  5. Guangzhou Harbor, China: TAU 21.87 million
  6. Port of Busan, South Korea: TAU 21.66 million
  7. Port of Hong Kong, China: TAU 19.60 million
  8. Port of Qingdao, China: 18.26 million TAU
  9. Port of Tianjin, China: 16.00 million TAU
  10. Port Jebel Ali, Dubai: 14.95 million TAU

The 10 Largest and Most Important Tourist Ports in the World

The 10 Largest and Most Important Tourist Ports in the World

Marinas often consist of enormous buildings and areas. Classifying them according to their size is based on the number of passengers who pass through them annually.

Analyzing the ranking of the largest and most important tourist ports in the world, it can be noticed that the USA occupies most places on the list.

NOTE: This list has been compiled based on several official national sources.

  1. Port of Miami, USA: 4,850,000 passengers
  2. Port of Everglades, USA: 4,160,000 passengers
  3. Port of Canaveral, USA: 4,000,000 passengers
  4. Port of Nassau, Bahamas: 3,410,000 passengers
  5. Port of Cozumel, Mexico: 2,700,000 passengers
  6. Port of Barcelona, ​​Spain: 2,360,000 passengers
  7. Port of Civitavecchia, Italy: 2,140,000 passengers
  8. Port of Virgin Island, USA: 2,080,000 passengers
  9. Port of San Martino, France/Holland: 2,000,000 passengers
  10. Port of Venice, Italy: 1,720,000 passengers