How to save money for travel in 10 easy steps

save money

It’s nice to dream of traveling around the world and discovering new destinations. But dreaming doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed in going on a trip. Financing is always the keyword. Indeed, it is not too late to react. Here are 10 concrete ways to put money aside and save money to finally travel.

       1- Get rid of your “bad habits”

Get rid of your “bad habits”

In your everyday life, you surely have habits that you could give up to save money: making your own coffee instead of buying it all prepared in a Café, taking public transport and leaving your car, preparing food the night before for lunch at work instead of eating out every lunchtime, you smoke? Here’s a concrete argument for you to quit, not only will you save money, but you’ll also be in better shape and healthier.

       2- Become addicted to generic brands in supermarkets

generic brands

It should always be borne in mind that marketing manipulates the brains of consumers in an abominable way, as the person concerned loses control of the distinction. That is why you have to break away from generic brands because it forces you to consume more money.

       3- Set up a savings account just for your trip

Set up a savings account just for your trip

Imagine if you plan to contribute an amount of $ 02 per day, you will accumulate more than $ 700 in a year without even realizing it. You can even opt for a term account, which doesn’t promise much interest, but will require you to make regular transfers, but you won’t be able to touch them for the length of time you set.

       4- Avoid unnecessary expenses

unnecessary expenses

Try to cut down on the expenses that seem quite extra to you, such as your subscription to pay TV channels, your gym, your cinema outings, etc. You can do without (time to save up and finally go on that trip!). However, you can make do with public channels and less recent films on the internet.

       5- Sell your clothes and things you no longer use

Sell your clothes and things you no longer use

It may seem a little strange to you, but too many clothes you’re not wearing anymore? Sell them! This will have the advantage of sorting through your stuff and will allow you to win one or two tickets. You have indeed a multitude of choices where you can launch your ads for the sale of your possessions whether it is clothing or furniture or any other objects.

       6- Book your plane tickets well in advance

Book your plane tickets well in advance

The earlier you book your plane tickets, the cheaper you buy them. In addition, starting our stay in the middle of the week usually allows us to get interesting and cheaper offers of course. That’s why the Skyscanner comparator, for example, opts for nuggets thanks to its “Cheapest Month” and “Travel Anywhere” options.

      7- Book through the best known reservation centers

Book through the best known reservation centers

When booking accommodation, it is best to search on Booking or Airbnb, choosing filters such as price range and cheaper periods carefully. In addition, try to choose homestay accommodation over chains, as it is often cheaper and at least it benefits the local economy.

        8- Avoid overloading luggage

Avoid overloading luggage

Always try to bring as little clothing as possible, to avoid overload charges at the airport, and take as much as you can with you as you don’t need to buy on the spot.

       9- Compare prices

Compare prices

To save money for your trip, you should always have the reflex to compare prices, for everything, all the time. As they say: Small streams make big rivers. In fact, simple amounts saved can make the difference and help us save more money.

        10- Buying in large quantities

Buying in large quantities

Buying in large quantities, freezing, saves more money to travel than buying things individually because it costs us a bit more.

However, if stopping all your habits at once discourages you, you can give up one habit each month, you will still save money.