How to Have a Wonderful Safari in Botswana

Recommended Destinations

Botswana is one of the best countries in Africa to observe animals. It is a real paradise for lovers of the wildest nature! It is not uncommon to go out on the balcony of your room and see an elephant, be isolated due to the lack of cell phone coverage, or maybe fall asleep under a sky covered with stars.

Among incredible sceneries, infinite natural beauties of the parks, and the fauna present, you can do different safaris in Botswana … Let’s discover them together!

Facts About Botswana

Facts About Botswana

  • Inhabitants: 2.25 million
  • Capital: Gaborone
  • Languages: Setswana (national), English (official)
  • Local currency: Botswana Pula BWP (€ 1.00 = 12.42 BWP)
  • Climate: the climate is sub-tropical, the average temperatures in the coldest months (June and July) are 11/12 ° C in the south and 18 ° C in the north; in the summer, they fluctuate between 25 and 27 degrees
  • The following vaccinations are recommended but not required: malaria, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, hepatitis A and B, typhus.
  • Take precautions against mosquitoes (repellent, mosquito nets, etc.)
  • Entry requirements: passport required with at least 6 months of residual validity. Visa not required
  • Travel/health insurance: recommended.

The Best Time to Go to Botswana

The Best Time to Go to Botswana

In Botswana, the climate is sub-tropical, with a dry season from May to August and a wet season from November to March. The best time to visit is the austral winter, from May to August, but it gets a bit cold at night.

The high season is between June and the end of October when you can easily spot the animals, while from December to May they are always present, but it is difficult to see them. Elephants are usually found in Chobe Park in the dry season.

In the Kalahari, the best time is from December to March which is among other things in the low season. While winter is from May to August which is dry, mild during the day, and cool at night, especially in the center-south. Summer, from November to March, is very hot and not very rainy.

In spring, in September and October, the heat is scorching, especially in the north. Botswana has the seasons reversed compared to Europe. The driest areas are Gemsbok National Park, the Kalahari Desert located in the southwest and the far east, in the Limpopo Valley.

The wettest ones are the northern area where the Chobe National Park is located and the south-east, where the capital Gaborone is found.

Average temperatures in the south fluctuate around 11/12 ° C in the coldest months which are June and July and 18 ° C in the north; in summer they are between 25 and 27 degrees.

The hottest months in the center-south are in December and January, while in the north October and November.

In this period the daytime temperature is around 35 degrees, with peaks of 40 ° C. Best time: the austral winter from May to August, since the animals are easier to spot, the sky is clear, the air is dry and the heat is bearable during the day, while in the evening it is cooler.

To see elephants, zebras, and wildebeests in Chobe Park, the dry season is ideal. The wet season is fine for buffaloes and zebras in the Savuti (an area close to Chobe Park). For the Kalahari, December to March is the best time, for the Okavango Delta from May to October to see wildlife, November to April for bird watching.

Period to Avoid

The wet season and from mid-November to May, cyclone season.

Where to visit?

Classic Safari to Chobe and Okavango Delta

The safari includes a visit to the Chobe National Park, located on the bank of the river of the same name, which is home to large herds of elephants, buffaloes and lions, hippos, and black antelopes.

Furthermore, in the Okavango Delta an incredible ecosystem rich in crocodiles, sitatungas, elephants, wild dogs, buffaloes, jacanas, cranes, and various species of birds. At the Delta, you can participate in various activities including 4×4 jeep and boat safaris.

This tour allows you to see a wide range of animals and take unforgettable traditional boat trips. It is ideal for those who love adventures, nature, and individual travel. It is recommended that you adapt, have average physical strength. Also, you must bring a camera, binoculars and comfortable clothing.

Best period

It is best to go there from June to October where the temperature is generally desirable.

Recommended Duration

You can stay without any hassles in this country for 10 days. This is because most tourist permits are only limited by that particular number of days. Also, it will not let you spend

Average Price

Starting from € 5.360,00, you can enjoy your stay in this travel destination enjoyably.

Recommended Destinations

Recommended Destinations

Victoria Falls National Park

In Victoria Falls National Park you will admire the rainforest made of ferns, ficus, palm trees, and fauna including the Verreaux eagle, the peregrine and Taita falcon, the black stork, the jackal buzzard.

At Victoria Falls you will have the opportunity to fly over them by helicopter, go rafting, and bungee jumping.

The Chobe National Park

In addition to the presence of different animal species, which is characterized by massive herds of elephants, the Okavango Delta attracts elephants, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, birds, and where you can make trips by boat.

Certainly, the strength of Victoria Falls and the fauna of the parks are the things that are considered most impressive. This kind of safari contemplates several nights in lodges and tents, so it is suitable for those who love contact with nature and adapt easily, managing to do without comforts. To fully experience the safari, expect adventurous activities: prepare yourself physically and mentally!

Best Period

You can visit this place comfortably from July to October.

Recommended Duration

The recommended length of stay is up to 9 days.

Average price

Price starts in the range of € 2,150.00

The Great Rivers of Bostwana

In this safari, you will discover the Okavango Delta aboard a 4×4 and you will have the opportunity to go for walks, routes to spot wildlife, and do memorable trips in a mokoro (typical boats) along the canals.

We will enter the Moremi Game Reserve with exciting off-road game drives. The reserve is made up of forests, grasslands, lagoons, and streams populated by numerous mammals, amphibians, and birds.

Furthermore, we will visit the Makgadikgadi Pan, an immense saline expanse that with the first rain season is filled with zebras and flamingos that drink. However, the show does not last long, as the water evaporates quickly.

Here you can also sleep under the starry sky. Then we will move to Chobe National Park with a game drive to see the animals in the savannah and, finally, we will visit Victoria Falls. The Okavango landscapes and the starry skies of Makgadikgadi Pan are two things you won’t forget

During the safaris there are several game drives, long walks, and tours on rough roads, so have good preparation and training; also adapt to eat outside and sleep often in tents.

Best Period

You can enjoy your stay here from May to October.

Recommended Duration

Because of the many excursions that you can do on this place, 15 days would be a great length already of stay. This will let you enjoy the place well.

Average Price

The price range is from € 2,620.00

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

A safari in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the silent desert, where you can only hear the roar of lions in the night and meet cheetahs, springboks, brown lions, giraffes, wildebeest, and antelopes. The colors are truly extraordinary, with the acacia trees and an alternation of white, red, and gray sand.

In the park, there are several interesting areas in which to play morning and afternoon game drives, such as Deception Valley, Sunday Pana, Passarge Valley (excellent for birdwatching), Leopard Pan, Passarge Pan, and Motopi Pan where you can observe other fauna species and scenic places.

The fact of being able to see extraordinary animals and stars in an environment not polluted by air and everything makes the safari in the Kalahari one of the most fascinating things to visit!

This kind of travel is very demanding and tiring, especially due to the heat, so take the right precautions and have a spirit of adaptation.

Best Time to Go

The most desirable time to visit the place is from December to March because of the desirable weather conditions.

Recommended Duration

You can enjoy the place for 8 days straight without overstaying and going over budget.

Average price

The price usually starts from € 3,920.00

What to wear and pack?

In winter (June-August): spring/autumn clothes and light clothes for the day no, sweater, jacket, the warm cap for the evening. Dress in layers!

In summer (December-February): light clothes for the day, a sun hat, a sweatshirt, and a jacket for the evening; k-way or umbrella.

Don’t forget a first aid kit, universal adapter, sun hat.

Recommended Clothing

Practical and light clothing, comfortable closed shoes or trekking shoes for safaris (especially if on foot), a heavier garment for the evening.

Useful Accessories

  • Soft bags
  • Pouches
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Repellent
  • Binocular

Travel Insurance Advice

Travel Insurance Advice

We always rely on a reliable insurance company that provides comprehensive coverage that can provide absolutely competitive prices. They also provide customer assistance, an active call center, and 24-hour medical insurance with unlimited telephone medical advice: we know well that when you are abroad in emergencies, finding a consultant who is always ready to respond is the most important thing.