Best activities to do in Taiwan

Tourism in Taiwan

Tourism in Taiwan

Capital: Taipei

Official Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese

Population: 23,324,092

National Anthem: San Min Chu-i

Currency: New Taiwan dollar (TWD)

National Day: October 10

Why visit Taiwan?


This destination may ring a bell, and it is not because Made in Taiwan Is written on the back of your TVs and computers… No, the island has indisputable landscapes and resources for travelers to the stage. This island, resistant to China, has left open access to tourism where Taipei, the capital, is overshadowed by the size of nature.

Forced to be affected by Chinese civilization, Taiwan abounds in temples and pagodas and references to its giant neighbor. With amazing and inexpensive gastronomy, you’ll discover refined dishes and fresh flavors. You will affirm its status as a connected country’ by using free Wi-Fi in many regions of the nation. Like these remote regions of Western Europe, the airfare is still quite expensive and the flight time is long (13 hours), but you would not be disappointed if you were to go to Formosa!

Activities in Taiwan

Taroko National Park

What to see in Taiwan:

Taipei: One of the must-sees, you may note the Taipei 101 Tower, the second-highest tower in the world cried at 509m, the National Palace Museum, the temples, and especially the Longshan Temple, the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. Make the most of the island’s hot springs for massages and remedies. Do not overlook the numerous markets and the trendy Ximending district.

Take the train: The Native TGV, Taiwan High-Speed Train, although quicker and more stylish than the French, is an attraction in itself, and lets you travel all along the west coast. By comparison, on the east shore, take Highway 11 and you will discover beautiful beaches and Aboriginal villages with this less developed part of the island.

Taroko National Park: In the Nation’s most visited park, the free entry is well worthwhile. The Taroko Gorge could be seen thanks to a path carved out of the rock several hundred meters above sea level. All along the spectacular route, you can see pagodas and temples clinging to the mountain. The waterfalls and the landscapes — sometimes misty — are surprising.

Sun Moon Lake: Located in the middle of the island, The Lake of the Sun and Moon allegedly takes its name from its shape. Majestic, the lake could be admired in the hills that serve as stages for this tranquil spectacle, or by the Wen Wu temple and Tsen pagoda constructed by Chiang Kai Shek. The lake is a fantastic website for hiking, mountain biking and boat rides.

Alishan: near the city of Chiayi, Alishan Park Is accessible by train, which zigzags through the hills and tunnels to reach an altitude of over 2000 meters. Here you will witness an unforgettable sunrise emerging above a sea of clouds and numerous colors.

Hot Springs: Over a hundred hot springs have Been identified in Taiwan, which makes it the second most popular hot spring destination in the world after Japan. The hot springs of Wulai and Beitou would be the nearest to Taipei.

Kenting National Park: Situated at the Southernmost Tip of the island, Kenting National Park provides an array of fishing villages, white sandy beaches, and a gorgeous coastline with extensive coral reefs, palm trees, and a yearlong climate.

Penghu Islands: The Penghu Archipelago, previously Pescadores, made up of 64 islands in the Taiwan Strait, defines itself as a paradise for its landscapes and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Notice: From its capital Taipei, you have the option To go for a tour of the island or to focus just on the must-see. Scattered with monasteries (Foguangshan, Tainan, Taichung), temples and pagodas, hot springs, lakes (Coral Lake is also very beautiful), and National parks, you won’t have time to become bored in Taiwan.