20 Most Amazing Rooftop Pools Around the World

Most Amazing Rooftop Pools Around the World

What are the decisive factors that label a rooftop pool – interesting or for lack of a better word – “cool”? Some would say being located on top of the roofs are enough. But some would disagree and say that having other facilities like rooftop bar, sunbathing options and cabanas would make a rooftop pool as such. But what would you do if you are asked to come up with a list that includes a list of top rooftop pools? With so many options, which ones you’d chose really? Yet, moving through what seems to be an increasingly difficult task, we have come up with a list of 20 coolest rooftop pools around the world.

Here we go!

Hotel The Vine
Hotel The Vine via ww.hotelthevine.com

1. Hotel The Vine – Europe’s Leading Design Hotel, Portugal

Not that it means this is the best one out there, but this rooftop pool from Madeira, Portugal is surely one of the finest rooftop pools you’ll ever get to see. Sure, it has some top notch facilities under its belt, it’s not only that which makes this pool at Hotel The Vine stand out. The views of Funchal Bay and the surrounding mountains are some of the best parts that make it special. This pool provides vinotherapy sessions, cabanas on the poolside, and Jacuzzi facility which makes your swimming experience more pleasurable. Then you the scenic environment of Maderia which is sure to offer a nice relaxing experience for the people there. All in all, a complete package of refreshment and relaxation – that’s what it is!

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Hotel Unique with spectacular hotel rooftop pool, Brazil
Hotel Unique with spectacular hotel rooftop pool, Brazil via www.cnn.com

2. Hotel Unique with spectacular hotel rooftop pool, Brazil

Hotel Unique’s rooftop pool is something that enhanced the already beautifully designed commercial structure. Located in the community area of Jardins in Brazil, this pool is an awesome hangout place for the guests. The hotel itself was designed by architect Ruy Ohtake who is famous for designing innovative structures. Likely so, he did give this hotel an innovative look with its a large boat-shaped design. This is one of the main reasons that the rooftop pool of Hotel Unique is listed here.

The pool itself is literally huge. It has an exciting environment that is perfect for any kind of party, hang outs and even dating! It has an underwater sound system, making it party ready. The amazing light work makes the environment more sensational. On top of it all, the most attractive part of this pool is, it looks different during the days and nights. During the evening, you’ll see how it gets transformed into a sea of red with its innovative-looking red lighting that lights up. Some guests even have gone to the lengths of describing the pool looks outright “orgasmic”!

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Grand Hotel Central, Spain
Grand Hotel Central | Five-Star Luxury Barcelona Hotel via www.grandhotelcentral.com

3. Grand Hotel Central, Spain – Five-Star Luxury Barcelona Hotel

The Grand Hotel Central – which is one of the five best European modern hotels is famous for its gorgeously designed infinity pool. This pool is considered one of the most sensational rooftop pools in Spain. Though this pool is not that big, but has enough space for a comfortable swim. Apart from the swimming experience, you can enjoy the beautiful scenic view of Barcelona, aka the gothic city from up there. Its profound elegance, along with the strangely calming environment makes it more attractive to the guests. It is perfect for people looking for some relaxation time during the holidays. The hotel itself is located in the centre of the city, enabling the guests to get a spherical view of the city.

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Hotel Fasano, Brazil
Hotel Fasano, Brazil via www.fasano.com.br

4. Hotel Fasano, Brazil

The rooftop pool of Hotel Fasano is one of the finest in its category within the South America region. We just had to include it in our list. The hotel itself is in Rio, Brazil’s capital. If you have any idea about Rio, then you probably already know that it is famous for its beaches – Copacabana and Ipanema. Well, but that’s not all, there is also those dreamy mountain range that overlooks the city. From our rooftop pool located on the 8th floor of the Hotel Fasano, you can enjoy all these views. Designed by the very brilliant Phillippe Starck, the awesome rooftop beauty is built with marbles. Even famous entertainers like Madonna and P. Diddy (Sean Combs) have taken a great liking to this pool whenever they visit Rio.

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via www.barcelonayellow.com

5. Hotel Arts, Experience a luxury hotel in Barcelona Spain

Besides Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona has another hotel that has one of the finest rooftop pools on earth and that is Hotel Arts. This blue beauty is located on the top floor of 44-storey high Hotel Arts and next to a beautiful sculpture which was designed by Frank Gehry. The pool is special because of its design which is astoundingly beautiful. It is elegantly decorated with poolside beds and different types of plants. It also gives a nice view of Barcelona’s beachfront. The hotel itself is also a very popular one in the city.

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via http://tokyo.park.hyatt.com

6. Atrium Pool, Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Another rooftop pool that makes into our top 20 list is the Atrium pool of Park Hyatt Tokyo, Shinjuku, Japan. Standing on the 47th floor of Tokyo Hyatt, this pool is nicely defined with its fabulous atmosphere. It has 20 metres of clear water covered by the popular design feature atria making it really easy to see every angle. Another thing that makes it special is that this exact pool was used as a setting for the famous Hollywood flick Lost in Translation (2003), sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Needless to say, you can also take in the beauty of Mount Fuji from up there!

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 marina bay sands

via marinabaysands.com

7. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

While most pools in the list don’t have a name attached to them, the Sands SkyPark Infinity Pool is different on its own accord. This rooftop pool is the biggest infinity pool in the world. Located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore, this pool works as the biggest advertisement of the hotel. The hotel itself is a stunningly built skyscraper. The SkyPark Infinity Pool is one of the best creations of celebrated architect Moshe Safdie. The pool, especially made for people who love some adventure even to the point of getting scared for fun. Its boundary is made of glass, giving it the look of a crystal. The pool is big enough for taking a comfortable swim. The poolside service is top notch as well. You’ll see the waiters are always available and the food and beverage service is good as well. When you’re just bent on relaxing, you can get a nice view of the financial district of Singapore all around it.

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Hotel Joule, USA rooftop pools
via http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/hotels/2009/best-hotels-central-us/

8. Hotel Joule, USA

Next we have on our list is an elegant rooftop pool from Hotel Joule, Texas, USA. One of the biggest things that make it very special is that pool gives a strong thrilling vibe. Of course, the pool is not that big, size wise, but it is the way it is decorated that astounds people quite a lot. You are most likely to be impressed a lot with the cabanas facility that it provides. Plus, the light work is really eye catching. Once you’re there, you will also find it a perfect dating place as well! All in all, it’s an all-around rooftop pool that has almost everything you would need. After all, this the US we’re talking about!

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Colonnade Boston Hotel, USA
via https://www.flickr.com/photos/colonnade/5909224555

9. Colonnade Boston Hotel, USA

This rooftop pool stands on the 11th floor of this hotel. The hotel that hosts the pool, the Colonnade Boston Hotel is the only hotel which has a rooftop swimming pool in the Boston, Massachusetts. Perhaps this rarity of such a rooftop pool is why it is so much popular in Boston. Of course, there is also the fact that the hotel has only 11 floors, which is compared to others in our list is not that high. But this pool offers a very special facility that makes it unique. It allows non hotel guests to visit the pool as well!

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The Standard Hotel, LA, USA

The Standard Hotel, LA, USA
via ww.standardhotels.com

10. The Standard Hotel, LA, USA

The Standard Hotel hosts the finest rooftop pool in all of Los Angeles, which itself is saying a lot plus it has made into our list of top 20 as well! The hotel itself is one of the most popular hotels in LA. Located at the heart of LA, it has got one of the most stylish and dynamic rooftop pools in the world. Matching the hotel’s popularity, the pool also shares its popularity all over California because of its trendy but exciting features. This beautiful swimming pool provides the visitors with vibrating water bed pods, fireplace facility, poolside beds, a fantastic dance floor and many more. Besides, it gives a clear view of downtown LA that is sure to impress even the most stuck up prude! With its stylish and exciting features, this rooftop pool experience is said to be so profound that people drowns all their sorrows and anxiety here. No boring time guaranteed!

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Hotel Udai Kothi, India
via http://www.udaikothi.com

11. Hotel Udai Kothi, India

Want to get a royal and exotic experience while enjoying a pool on the roof? Then let’s hit Asia now, or more precisely, the subcontinent in our rooftop pool search! Hotel Udai Kothi, which is located in Udaipur district in the northwestern part of India, boasts of having one of the most beautiful rooftop pools. This hotel is a part of Udaipur city palace complex. It was named after Maharana Udai Singh II, the founder of the exotic city of Udaipur. The pool on its rooftop showcases the Rajasthani sense of art, giving it a unique look and feel. As for the surrounding view, you can behold the beautiful Udaipur city which is an added bonus to your relaxing poolside experience. The pool experience will be doubled with a total ancient feel, which will take you into the realms of the golden age of India. The water in the pool is blue, and coupled with the surrounding white boundary gives it a classic look. This pool is a perfect combination of elegance and luxury. Many international celebrities have spent their sunny holidays swimming here.

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InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
via www.ihg.com

12. InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong

Another spectacular roof top pool is owned by InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong. The hotel is a very popular one in Hong Kong. It stands on a waterfront location. Therefore, it was already a given that its rooftop pool would a great treat to its guest. But what is really interesting here is that the InterContinental Hong Kong is not only a proud host of only a single rooftop pool – but it has three, (although, these three intersect each other creating one large pool)! These three infinity pools are the main attraction of it. One of the features really caught our eyes and that’s the automatic temperature controlling options. Yes, the pool temperature is automatically controlled depending on the needs of the guests and the environment. But that’s not the best thing about it, as we were pleasantly surprised that somehow they made it possible to provide a one of a kind view of the beautiful Victoria Harbour from the sense that, they are positioned in such a way that they create an illusion as if Victoria Harbour is a part of them! Amazing, isn’t it?

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Traders Hotel, Malaysia
via www.shangri-la.com

13. Traders Hotel, Malaysia

Another amazing rooftop swimming pool is found in the Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This swimming pool is popularly known as the Sky Bar. Actually, it is an indoor rooftop swimming pool with state of the art features and facilities. It has an underwater lighting system, a stylish dance floor, private booths and the pool itself looks amazing with its beautiful narrow long shape. It gives a beautiful panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur city. In fact, getting a view of the famous skyscrapers of the city, the PETRONAS towers is an awesome treat for the guests at the Sky Bar. This wonderful rooftop swimming pool is decorated with lights in such a way that it has created a charming combination of lights and shades. Considering all these features coupled with a charming environment made this swimming pool one of the coolest rooftop swimming pools in the world. However, a total downer is that the pool itself is out of bounds for swimming. It only stands as a decorating purpose, funny, isn’t it? However, it looks so stunning that we were bound to include it in our list despite the obvious limitation.

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W Hotel, China
via w-hongkong.com

14. W Hotel, China

One of the loveliest hotels in the world is China’s W Hotel, which boasts having a one of the finest rooftop pools in Asia and around the world too. Do you know what makes it really special though? The pool itself is known as the world’s highest swimming pool, as it stands proud on the 76th floor of the hotel. The poolside experience is equally amazing, with very high standard service and the incredible looking decoration. The butterfly themed poolside wall is decorated extensively. With all these splendid features scratching your back constantly, don’t you want to give it a go, too?

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via http://hanginggardensubud.com

15. Hanging Gardens Ubud, Bali

This jaw dropping rooftop pool is totally unnerving to see – let alone experiencing it! This secluded pool from Ubud Hotel, Bali is an intelligently designed rooftop pool that creates a clever illusion that the water is on the flow and coming down naturally – thanks to the two story sliding design the pool is blessed with! It is certainly not one of the biggest pools out there, but considering the surroundings, you will never feel that you’re in an enclosed area. There is lush green forest all around this pool, making it an amazing spot to witness the tranquillity up close and personal. With the tropical atmosphere of Bali, this pool works as a lifesaver to the guests during the hot and humid summer. If you plan to pay a visit to this Indonesian island, don’t make the mistake of checking in to any other hotel – that’s our suggestion!

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Thompson Hotel, Toronto, Canada
via www.thompsonhotels.com

16. Thompson Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Thompson hotel, a very popular hotel in Toronto has a very beautiful rooftop swimming pool. Here is a very interesting concept regarding rooftop pools and Canada. People think that rooftop pools don’t really go hand in hand with Canadian weather. But this pool experience will definitely change your take on this. The pool itself is an infinity pool located on the 16th floor of Thompson Hotel. It has been open to the guests since 2010 and now it has become quite popular all over the world. It overlooks the city, enabling the guests to see the whole Thompson city from the pool side. Summer would be the best time to get some action in the pool – especially considering the cold Canadian weather!

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Habita Monterrey Hotel, Mexico
via http://www.hotelhabitamty.com

17. Habita Monterrey Hotel, Mexico

Habita Monterrey Hotel hosts a very unique pair of pools! Being one of the remarkable hotels in Mexico, is placed in dazzling Nuevo Leon. The interesting thing is that this hotel affords two swimming pools at a time on their rooftop. Both these pools have their own characteristics, as in one pool is cold and another is hot. This pool is also wrapped with crystal clear glasses through which you can see all the side around this pool. On top of that, the pool provides a pleasant view of lavish hillside.

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Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
via ww.fullertonhotel.com

18. Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

You might possibly be wondering why Asia holds so much of these rooftop pools, aren’t you? Well, while we can’t give you the answer to that, we can simply present you with the information – as frankly speaking, we didn’t create so much of these rooftop pools in Asia, did we? Well, standing on the 2nd floor of the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, this amazing rooftop pool is clearly a sight to behold. It’s an amazing looking pool with its long, 75 feet length. Two things we want to mention here. First, its beautifully decorated poolside which looks pretty amazing during the night, when all the poolside lights are turned on. Second, the spectacular views of the Singapore River, Victoria Theatre, Asian civilization Museum and Marina Sands Casino is just amazing from this pool. Pretty amazing view for a pool that’s on 2nd floor, isn’t it?

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Harbour Plaza Metropolis, Hong Kong

19. Harbour Plaza Metropolis, Hong Kong

Now we hit China with our search for one of the finest rooftop pools around the world. Located in Hong Kong at Harbor Plaza Metropolis, this pool boasts of its magnificent design with its surrounding glass wall and glass tiles. It provides a great view of all around it. On the one side you will get a bird’s eye view of the happenings of downtown Hong Kong. On the other? The prolific high rise structures of the city and the dreamy looking hills standing proud behind them.

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Hotel Adriana, Croatia

20. Hotel Adriana, Croatia

We have listed quite a few pools from quite a few countries worldwide in this list, but then why would Croatia would be any different? Here we located a rooftop pool that is the property of Hotel Adriana, at Hvar that has all the features to enchant the visitors with some of its unique features. For starters, there is the amazing view of the Venetian Piazza coupled with enchanting view of the harbour – and all these are easily accessible from The Top. Yes, you figured it out right – that’s what the pool is known locally. But let’s not get sidetracked here though, as the features of the pool does not limit itself to the views of the Piazza or the harbour. There are also these neon lights that are surrounding the pool, giving it a heavenly look during the evening. Last but certainly not the least, we have another feature to add to The Top – the pool is filled with seawater which gives a totally different feel to swim here. Sounds good enough?

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You may note that the rooftop pools that we have included in the list above are all attached to the hotels, didn’t you? There is a reason for that. The idea behind putting together this list is so that you can only get the information of these pools around the world, but also you can experience them if you happen to visit these particular locations. Of course, there are plenty other rooftop pools out there under private homes and buildings, but they would definitely never be accessible for the public. With these 20 rooftop beauties, you would at least get the chance to soak yourself in or at the very least, get a closer look at what we have been going on and on about throughout this post. Hope you get our point.